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Some rework ideas

SpellOfIniquity.1780SpellOfIniquity.1780 Member ✭✭✭✭
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Improving Anzalias Pass

  • Completely remove the upper half of the hill where the Vista is located so that the Keep has a clearer view of the Tower and can better defend from that location.
    This will also make it harder for larger groups to build Trebuchets on the hill that can currently reach both inner and outer walls of the Red Keep.

  • Raise the entire tower so that it sits on higher ground.
    The Tower sits at the bottom of a valley which makes it impossible to build defenses on the walls. Standing on the upper part of the hill near the Dredge tunnels allows 1,200 range skills to hit anything on the walls. Siege built on the Vista hill can hit anywhere inside the Tower.

  • Move Speldan slightly to the south and straighten the Dolyak's path toward Mendon so that it does not negatively impact the distance it needs to travel for that Tower.

These changes will improve the defenses of this Tower without removing counter play. Stonemist will still be able to treb the Tower, Catapults can still be built in various locations to hit the Tower, and it will still have 3 destructable walls (more than any other Tower in EBG).

Reference image

Retooling Mercenaries

You can now speak with the Veteran (and in the case of Hylek, the Champion) NPC in each of these camps for 2 options:

  • Option 1) Hire escort.
    x1 Veteran and x1 "normal" Mercenary will escort a player where ever they go until they are killed or dismissed. Speaking with the Veteran in company will offer the option to send them away. This option is only available for a maximum of 2 players at a time.

  • Option 2) Assassinate Dolyaks.
    Every second time a Dolyak spawns or returns to its camp of origin Mercenaries will set out to kill that Dolyak.

Mercenaries will no longer fortify Supply Camps.

Tactics changes

  • Watch Tower will now only activate when the Structure takes damage or NPCs are aggro'd.
  • Auto Turrets will now dismount players within 2000 range. Additionally, they will damage Siege Golems equivalent to Cannons and will prioritize firing at Golems.

[NEW Tactic and Trap]

"Sabotage Structure" - Tactic
Sabotage Depot has been reworked and will now create an explosion localized to the Structure that destroys all Boons in addition to destroying all Supplies. This explosion does not limit Boon reapplication, has no target limit, and will only effect the new owners.

"Spike Strip" - Trap
Costs 10 Supply to deploy. Place a trap that dismounts players and disables Mounting for 10 seconds.

Reworking Objective Defense Rewards and Improving Siege

Repairing Objectives no longer grants participation or reward.
Being present for an Objective defense no longer grants participation or reward.

Engaging in combat (delivering or receiving damage) in the vicinity of a Structure contributes to Objective Defense and awards participation.

Siege changes

  • Refreshing Siege grants a small amount of WXP with a cooldown of 30 minutes. Refreshing Siege within 10 minutes of its decay awards more.
  • Hitting players with Siege contributes to Objective Defense.
  • Ballistas deal reduced damage to players and increased damage to Dolyaks. Trajectory and velocity of skill #4 greatly improved


  • Minis are now only visible to allied players.
  • Daily Veterans removed.
  • Event Champions (Arboreal Spirit, Overgrown Grub, Harpy Matriarch, etc.) removed.
  • Hylek Mercenary camp Champion demoted to Veteran.
  • Reduced size of platforms extending from the the 3rd floor of Stonemist Castle.
  • All hostile mobs unrelated to Objectives (Mercenary Camps, Supply Camps, Sentry, Tower, Keep, Castle) are now neutral.

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  • Dawdler.8521Dawdler.8521 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @SpellOfIniquity.1780 said:

    • Daily Veterans removed.

    WvW ruined. Unplayable.

    gaggle - /ˈɡaɡ(ə)l/ - noun
    A disorderly group of Asura.
    "The gaggle of Asura tried to agree on whether a phase-shifted thermonuclear energy matrix was sufficiently powerful for a device capable of heating bread"

  • borgs.6103borgs.6103 Member ✭✭✭

    @Samug.6512 said:
    Some ideas actually decent, some bad.

    All of them ignored by devs. Carry on.

    A lot of really nice (IMO) ideas shared in the forums of old and new. None came into fruition.

    Check out the fable of the Boiling Frog.

  • Baldrick.8967Baldrick.8967 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm surprised there are still some people who think posting ideas for changes to wvw is worth the effort of typing.
    It's quite clear there is no wvw dev team (except the intern who is allowed to work on it on Friday afternoons unless something more urgent like changing an NPC's footwear in pve comes up) so making suggestions for major changes is an exercise in futility.

    Almost 3 years since alliances were 'announced' , enough said.

  • Sleepwalker.1398Sleepwalker.1398 Member ✭✭✭✭

    If they can first fix these ridiculous 300sec traits after that i hope they look your post.

  • kash.9213kash.9213 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I like the Anz suggestions, that place usually ends up being a persistent three way ruins until suddenly no one cares about it again for awhile. I also like the Defense & suggestions.

    Northern Shiverpeaks [EL] & [SD]

  • Justine.6351Justine.6351 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @kash.9213 said:
    I like the Anz suggestions, that place usually ends up being a persistent three way ruins until suddenly no one cares about it again for awhile. I also like the Defense & suggestions.

    Don't start talking like that or people might just want AP left the way it is !

    Anet buff me :-(
    Make me good at game!

  • kash.9213kash.9213 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Justine.6351 said:

    @kash.9213 said:
    I like the Anz suggestions, that place usually ends up being a persistent three way ruins until suddenly no one cares about it again for awhile. I also like the Defense & suggestions.

    Don't start talking like that or people might just want AP left the way it is !

    That's a good point. I'm going to disagree with my own post, you sold me.

    Northern Shiverpeaks [EL] & [SD]

  • archmagus.7249archmagus.7249 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 16, 2020

    I like the turrets idea. But I think there's a few things which could make things better.
    -remove ANZ wall that's destructible from smc and make the only wall that's destructible dredge facing. This will stop it from being constantly trebbed by smc
    -do the same thing from wildcreek, and move it more towards the dredge. Same reason as anz.
    -Remove ambient, hostile, champ creatures. Mobs will spawn for defeat veteran events.
    -remove centaur/skritt events, or turn them in to mercenary events.
    -3s of invulnerability on first mapping into the EWP. To prevent you from getting killed before the map full renders.
    -Banners can only be used inside the territory of the Objective they were pulled.
    -warclaws are considered siege, and the engage, chain pull, and throw spear are affected by siege might. Incoming damage is affected by siege defense (this includes while you're downed). Sniff removes stealth, reveals, and marks enemies.
    -memories of battle and tickets can be looted from enemies. At the end of every week, a bonus chest containing tickets, memories, weapons/armor depending on your participation level and world ranking (1st gets gold, 2nd gets silver, 3rd gets bronze)
    -Camps get destructible barricades and turrets (turrets are active tactic) similar to how control points work in VB
    -WvW "Seige Armory" using special action key. Blueprints are a consumable now. Consuming them adds them to the Siege Armory, which shows them as skill icons. If you have multiple of the same type of siege (15 ac blueprints) it will display the AC blueprint icon with the ammo count of 15. Using the elite skill cycles standard > superior > guild > traps and tricks. If you don't have any of a siege type, it will skip that category. The Siege armory can be toggled via the special action key at any time.