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Missing / Checkboard character or NPC textures [Merged]



  • In "Lines of Communication" (Asura Act III finale), Flax is checkered. Zojja is also checkered, but only in some. She has a brief scene at the beginning where her normal skin is present.
    I'm an Asura, female, revenant.

  • I've encountered this issue numerous times in the personal story (as others have said, with Zojja) but also with other characters, some of them only minor characters who appear in the story for one particular mission. Sadly at the time I didn't think to record them and have only now thought about looking up the issue. (Just noticed that LightningFalcon.4928 posted above one of those characters from my human/male story). I just had it happen to an Ooze Projection from an event in Metrica Province at the heart just north east of Jeztar Falls. It's a little bit frustrating as the art quality in the game is one of it's stand out features. Hopefully the GW2 team can get it resolved before I continue into the expansion content - because I've never seen those characters before!

  • I had this problem yesterday while leveling my asura and today with my sylvari
    http://prntscr.com/mgzhth - can't remember the quest name (Zojja) :s
    http://prntscr.com/mgzgwp - Seeking the Zalisco quest (Chief Dekkit)
    http://prntscr.com/mgzgc2 - Stealing Secrets quest while listening behind the door (the ministry guard)
    http://prntscr.com/mgzfvv - Down the Hatch quest before the drinking competition (Tybalt)
    http://prntscr.com/mh0f20 - Down the Hatch quest (Tybalt)
    http://prntscr.com/mgzfen - Down the Hatch quest in the end (Tybalt)
    http://prntscr.com/mgzhc7 - Trouble at the Roots quest (just a random ooze)
    Tybalt is missing texture only in some dialogues

  • This is happening to me, too. So far, I only see it it cutscenes where two characters are talking back and forth in my personal stories. I haven't seen it in-game yet.

  • I've been going through the first few chapter of each stories for each race for the achievements,
    I put up a few untextured glitches earlier. but...
    The texture bug is still around. Last bit of asura and few parts in the sylvari's bit.
    Note - I played the asura one yesterday before the patch so I don't know if its been fixed, however, I am just gonna post it encase.

    Asura - Chapter 1
    The inquest guy is untextured - https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dok4hz23hf9zzb/gw445.jpg?dl=0
    Also later on Zojja is untexted again at the lake part, looking for tha chunk of the artifact

    Asura - Chapter 2
    Talking to mink after you rescue him after the bandits, and In your lab looking at the diagrams, both times Zojja is untextured - https://www.dropbox.com/s/3m2snueizg7a922/gw449.jpg?dl=0

    Asura - Chapter 3
    Rescuing that professor, Zojja is untextured - https://www.dropbox.com/s/gfiv9mn5237qtcb/gw450.jpg?dl=0

    Sylvari - Chapter 3
    When you are a bandit, you are untextured but Cai sin't. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r7sw64udx30vdve/gw453.jpg?dl=0

    I also encounter a VERY VERY strange bug during the sylvari's 2nd chapter.
    When you're in the nightmare court's area in disguses for whatever reason it played the same scene TWICE! The scene where you see first that knight of embers person.
    The first time the scene played, she was untextured (here is the screenshot) https://www.dropbox.com/s/b43e6xqyrfjjx8u/gw452.jpg?dl=0
    However when it played that same scene for the second time, The ember knight was normal... what is going on? She was untextured before.

    I don't know if the game broke or something, but scenes should not be playing twice.
    The scene played a second time when I went to rescue the wardens, I think there is suppose to be a scene with you talking to the wardens, if so, it didn't show me that one.

    Also I'll be going through the Norn story either tomorrow or the day after if i find any texture oddities I'll post them when i am done.
    Surprisingly enough the Human story didn't have any textures glitches for me. Maybe I choose the paths that didnt have any errors?

  • The latest update said it has been fixed but I've only just encountered it again.
    It happened in the Sylvari Personal Story. Not sure if it shows up in other scenarios so here is the exact spot it took place in:
    Starting with the "Where Life Goes" quest, "Chapter 2: The Teachings of Ventari", the cinematic in "A Different Dream". Here, the Knight of Embers is checkered. I don't remember if the next cinematic involving her is also broken or not.

  • Update: It appears that perhaps every NPC that only shows up once is checkered. Just found the second culprit while following the story:

  • https://prnt.sc/mi3wte
    (tried to attach the image to the previous comment but it didn't work...)

  • sdt.1697sdt.1697 Member ✭✭

    When a cutscene happened to be with Zojja she appeared her model is just black and white square.

  • According to the Patch Notes on the fifth, problems like this should have been gone by now. The thing is, the problem still persists as you can see in the picture down below:

    It doesn't seem to be as extreme as before (I haven't seen any in-game cutscenes affected by it like in Season 2), but it's still very much present in the Personal Story and in dungeons. It's quite distracting and eerie. I'm hoping that someone from the team will be able to explain if any progress about this issue is going to be made or what might be causing it. Do I need to repair my client?

  • I'm having it too. :/

  • ghost.1076ghost.1076 Member
    edited February 8, 2019

    Some checkered goodness in Caudecus Manor (Story Mode). Logan and Jennah on the same page at long last <3

    Happens when you select "We're all here and ready to go." in dialogue with Logan at the beginning.

    Sreenshot made as of February, 8th, 22:25 ST.

  • Been having this issue as well with two of my characters at the low level personal stories. Any ideas on how to fix? It is VERY immersion breaking to just have this checkered box person talking all the time. Form the Apothecary because I was a street rat, to the first soldier in the tutorial... As well as the Doc trying to poison the wells. It's getting irritating. :/

  • Character model: Zojja NPC
    During: Cutscenes of the Asura main story quest lvl 10

    Character model of Zojja has the black&white checkerboard texture during the cutscenes of her talking


    Issue and screenshot made on 9th of february 17:45

  • I want to call attention to THIS thread, as this is the place to report issues with seeing "checkboard" effects on characters or NPCs.

    Please do not create a new thread on this topic, but post here so we have the maximum information available to the devs.

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    Communications Manager: ArenaNet
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  • Is there any ETA for a fix on this? It's preventing me from finishing the personal story as I want to play it as it was meant to be experienced, not with a chequered flagg zojja.

  • I thought the last patch was gonna fix it.

    I guess not. On my latest cutscene (level 30 asura) Zojja was checkerboard but the three order reps were just fine.

  • hi
    i am also experiencing this issue i believe it is only happening in personal story cut-scenes for me at least . i haven't see this problem in PoF or HoT quests yet. i have noticed it on multiple characters of different races an classes and the same cut scenes don't all ways have the issue e.g i did the early part of the char story and one time it had the issue and the other it did not

  • Got this also, during one of the later personal story quests where you choose to find a missing exploration team and end up confronting a raised rogue guy, forgot the name sorry but here's a screenshot:


  • I experienced the 'checkerboard' texture when previewing a Mini-pet. (Submitted an in-game bug report.)

  • Chiming in with a "me too" on the missing Zojja texture. Really hoping this is fixed soon. It's not gamebreaking or anything but it really impacts the enjoyment of the personal story cutscenes. :/


  • Sylvari with the "Green Knight" chapter 1 personal story, happens at the first step and the last step. Bercilak, the green missing skin knight :P

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  • Has this issue been looked at yet? It's almost been a month with no word from Devs. :/ Do they literally not care because it's core? If so, that's a very poor reasoning.

  • They released a patch with the last update, more issues occured; I'd assume they are looking at what is causing the issues after the patch.
    It's not always easy to find why something 'bugs' out, of course.

  • RubyHazel.2719RubyHazel.2719 Member

    Just had this issue when playing Charr personal story level 40.
    "Stealing Secrets", the scene in the commanders room the guard on the right side.
    "Down the Hatch", 1st it was Second Mate Khebril, then it was Tybalt.
    "Thrown of Guard" Captain Conerry.

  • QuestingPanda.1592QuestingPanda.1592 Member
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    This was a bad time to binge on story :P But here's all the characters me and my friend saw checkerboarded while playing through the story.

    Note that we saw characters checkerboarded at the same time; every time one of us had an NPC with bad textures the other person had the same problem with the same character.

    Human lvl 10

    The apothecary from growing up on the streets. I wasn't keeping track yet.

    Human lvl 20

    No-one in any of the instances:

    2.1 Voices from the past
    2.2 Rending the mantle
    2.3 Rending the mantle II
    2.4 The sting
    2.5 Ashes of the past

    Human lvl 30

    3.1 Orders of Tyria
    3.2 Orders of Tyria II
    3.3 Mortus Virge
    3.4 Mortus Virge II

    3.5 Track the seraph
    Lionguard Williams

    3.6 Track the seraph II
    3.7 The sad tale of the "Ravenous"
    3.8 The sad tale of the "Ravenous" II
    3.9 Enter the trap

    Asura lvl 10

    1.1 Explsovie Intellect
    Councillor Flax

    1.2 Snaff would be proud

    1.3 Piece negotiations
    Inquest Infiltrator

    1.4 Readings on the rise

    1.4 Readings on the rise II

    1.5 Unscheduled delay
    (Zojja is fine again)

    1.6 Gadd's last gizmo
    Gadd's hologram

    Asura lvl 20

    2.1 Any sufficiently advanced science

    2.2 Any sufficiently advanced science II
    Luminates supervisor Wenn

    2.3 Beta test

    2.4 Beta-test II

    2.5 Industrial espionage
    Lab manager Grex

    2.6 Split second

    Asura lvl 30

    3.1 A bold new theory

    3.2 Hazardous environment

    3.3 Hazardous environment II

    3.4 Protest too much

    3.5 Protest too much II

    3.6 Test Subject

    3.7 Test subject II

    3.8 Lines of communication
    Councillor Flax
    Zojja was bad in the first cutscene, fine in the second one, and bad again in the third. (IIRC)

    Order of Whispers lvl 40

    4.1 Setting the stage

    4.2 Meeting the mentor

    4.3 Stealing secrets
    Ministry guard
    Ministry sergeant

    4.4 Down the hatch
    Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw
    Second mate Khebril

    4.5 Down the hatch II
    4.6 They went thataway
    4.7 An apple a day
    4.8 An apple a day II

    Quaggans lvl 50

    5.1 Bad Ice
    Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw

    5.2 Bad Ice II
    5.3 Enraged and unashamed

    5.4 Evacuation
    Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw



  • Gadzooks.4687Gadzooks.4687 Member ✭✭
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    still an issue. Even in the very last personal story mission to fight the dragon.

    Zojja is completed checkerboard

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