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is there any hope for pvp? / should i stop playing?

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had to remove link cuz looks like i cant show afk players who jumps in base whole game.

both stop playing when we hit 200 (200vs70)


  • Jayden Reese.9542Jayden Reese.9542 Member ✭✭✭✭

    And you will most likely get forum ban posting names so I'd remove it b4 some1 reports you

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    Sry man that sucks but that and similar behavior's are pretty common. From afk's to toons just running continually into a wall all match to things that don't even involve players like starting a match out numbered 4v5 etc. First stop stressing about rank as these days means little due to the above reasons but also if u or a group single queue than a group of skilled players duo queue with another skilled friend what groups do u think will end at a higher rank? Lol thirdly because u rank is just as much dependent on ur random team as it is ur performance if not even more so u only have so much control over ur rank. When u except these things and remove the importance of rank and just have fun the pvp in this game can be a blast so just do u and have some good fights :)
    Also if someone's toxic to u dont get discouraged just imagine being some who takes a mmo so seriously that u belittle others that don't and be gratefully ur lifestyle gone in a well enough direction that ur not one of them lol

  • I feel your pain. PvP is still sort of an afterthought, but the developers are finally putting a little bit more effort into it now. Sadly most of, if not all of that effort is only going towards profession balance though.

    It's probably very distracting and maybe slightly disheartening for them when everyone's at eachother's throats about which classes they consider overpowered.

    Meanwhile people actively throw ranked games with apparent impunity.

    What does balance even matter if the game isn't fun? A "Let's talk about PvP Problems" thread would be great.

    Remove Ranked DuoQ pls&ty

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    well said everyone by giving good advice to the Op

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    You should stop playing PVP asap if not get fun and feel not happy.
    This is is main idea. Problem solved.

    Also can keep vision that true people who want real pvp challenge play tournaments. And reg ranked by duo only as for training part without any intoxication for other players.

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    There is no hope. The downfall will slow down a bit - thats all.

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    You can play if you want, but I would avoid playing specifically ranked.

    Play unranked with a full group of your friends, or if you are good play AT with a full group of your friends. If the current imbalance that is exacerbated by incoherent teams doesn't jade you, the toxicity that has by and large stemmed and coagulated from years upon years of that will, and the only people still invested in ranked at this point in time are people that are unable, for some reason or another, to stop.

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