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Tempest rework-ish idea

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One of my issues with Tempest is that the gameplay doesn't feel rewarding, it's more of a fixed rotation were you go in an attunement, use all the abilities, overload, and move on.

What if instead of having separate overloads for each attunement, we instead had a F5 skill, perhaps with 2 charges or something, that would always be avalaible and would effectively overload the attunement we are currently in?

The effect of this would be fewer possible overloads over a long period of time, traded for the possibility of overloading right away without a 4 seconds delay. Overloading would then become a tool we use to create a "safe space" with 4 possible effects depending on the situation, rather than a mere additional AOE to squeeze in our rotation. It would introduce decision making: Do I use this overload to increase my DPS output, or does my group need more protection, healing, or might stacks at the moment?


  • sephiroth.4217sephiroth.4217 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Besides this fire aura bug, I love Tempest the way it is now.

    This for PvP though..

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  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭

    The delays, interruptable "hit me" mechanic, longer cooldown on attunements and a lacking effect make the e-spec "FUN". These are the points that need buffs imo.

    However, I like your idea.

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  • alain.1659alain.1659 Member ✭✭✭

    F5 mechanic would be a really good addition.

  • DanAlcedo.3281DanAlcedo.3281 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The only thing Tempest (or core) is a way to keep up Soothing Mist without camping water.

    Change the Grandmaster to:

    • Soothing Mist heals 2x as much
    • The Soothing Mist effect stays activ (still pulses) for 10-15 seconds after you switched out of Water.

    You basicaly get perma Soothing Mist on your group, while still playing like a ele should.

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  • DanAlcedo.3281DanAlcedo.3281 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    The only thing Tempest (or core) needs is a way to keep up Soothing Mist without camping water.

    Change the Grandmaster to:

    • Soothing Mist heals 2x as much
    • The Soothing Mist effect stays activ (still pulses) for 10-15 seconds after you switched out of Water.

    You basicaly get perma Soothing Mist on your group, while still playing like a ele should.

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  • juno.1840juno.1840 Member ✭✭✭
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    I like the overload mechanic, although I'd love some kind of cooldown relief if overloads are used. Right now, it feels a bit too expensive after you switch out of an element before you can get back in.

    @DanAlcedo.3281 said:
    The only thing Tempest (or core) needs is a way to keep up Soothing Mist without camping water.

    Change the Grandmaster to:

    • Soothing Mist heals 2x as much
    • The Soothing Mist effect stays activ (still pulses) for 10-15 seconds after you switched out of Water.

    Currently, It does stay active after you switch out of water. It lasts for the remainder of the 10s. Since it refreshes every 3s, worst case it will last only 7 seconds -- best case all 10 seconds.

  • crosknight.3041crosknight.3041 Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 8, 2019

    ATM the grandmaster traits are in heavy need of reworking, Elemental Bastion is just significantly better. though tempest is in pretty needy place of reworking of the traits since a great chunk of them i have never touched (i have never touched Latent stamina, Imbued melodies or Lucid Singularity playing tempest, i have only recently touched Temperous aura but felt it was to weak)

    possible suggestions for trait changes for grandmaster
    -further increase the effectiveness of overloads; fire= bigger fire field, longer duration, more burn; water=larger area of effect, bigger heal, weaker healing water field persisting after overload; air= more damage, strikes more often, change to static charge to make all your attacks deliver a lighting strike for the duration instead of just the "next attack"; Earth= more damage, longer condition duration (extra stack for bleed instead) and strong CC knockdown at the end or quicksand field that slowly pull foes to the epicenter of where the overload ended.
    -alter overloads to use the ammo system, reducing the effectiveness of the overloads to use them more frequently (simular to what OP described)

    Imbued Harmonies just needs slight updating imo to make it competative with elemental bastion.
    -Grant concentration (double if you have warhorn equipted). 25% chance when struck to use lesser sand squall (not below health threshhold). Warhorn skills gain increased area of effect
    Lucid Singularity imo is to situational to be an effective grandmaster, it needs something more imo, maybe when finishing an overload grant yourself and allies around you a powerful boon such as resistance or stability

    other traits could do with a touch up as well such as
    -Latend Stamina; perhaps change it to an aura trait like rangers "spotter". grant up to 10 allies 25% faster endurance regeneration (does not give vigor, move to master teir traits) (i do not like the dependence on swapping into water for the current form of the trait)
    -invigorating torrents; move to minor traits, put a 10s cooldown on trait (this will allow an auramancer to synergize this trait with Temperious Aura)
    -Temperious Aura: add "20% reduced cooldown for shouts", increase might stacks from 2 stacks to 3

  • lLobo.7960lLobo.7960 Member ✭✭✭
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    IMO, the problem with tempest is that it tries to be a good group support with overloads and auras, but relies a lot in water to share the auras, making the tempest unable to be an offensive support.

    Tempest would have a lot more options if the trait to heal with auras (tempest line) was swaped with the one to share auras (water line). This makes sense thematically (water for healing, tempest for support and AoE) and mechanically (water focus on heals and cleanses, tempest in AoE and sharring effects).
    Now with tempest sharing auras, each core traitline could have its aura benefits, so an aura-share tempest could choose to share offensive traited auras (fire/air) or defensive traited ones (water/earth) or a combination of those...
    - Air providing swiftness and fury on all auras and pulsing quickness and superspeed on static auras
    - Fire providing might on all auras and pulsing resistance on fire auras
    - Earth providing protection on all auras and pulsing stability on magnetic auras (move the improved protection trait to earth)
    - Water providing heals on all auras and pulsing regen and vigor on frost auras
    - Arcane providing arcane shield (and leser arcane shield) as auras.
    The pulsing effects on specific auras improve the benefits of runes and traits that extend aura duration, giving it more build variety.

    Also, overloads need to be more consistent. Overloading effects - completed burst - lasting fields
    Fire pulses might and dmg/burn while you overload and after... needs a larger AoE and a completed burst of dmg/burn/might between the overloading and the lasting field
    Water pulses heals and cleanses while you overload, blast a heal when completed, but no lasting effect after... needs to leave a water or ice field
    Air pulses dmg (only 3 targets!) while you overload and leaves, provides static charge when finishes, and leaves a dmg static field, the buff part is very lacking (static charge)... Reduce the dmg from strikes but bring the amount of targets back up to 5. Make the overload pulse static charge on allies instead of just providing one stance of it, and make it blast a CC or a dmg burst when completed
    Earth pulses protection and criple while overloading, blast an imob when complete, and leaves dust cyclone (blinds?) and has 10 targets. This is the best overload (in terms of how it works) 10 targets, pulses buffs and effects and leaves a nice lingering effect with a nice blast on completion. It needs a larger AoE

    Also, for consistence, either make all overloads 10 targets, or make all overloads 5 targets with a trait to increase it to 10 (both allies and foes).

    Also, from another post:

    @lLobo.7960 said:


    This gives the tempest the option to buff allies by sharing auras, improving shouts or being more selfish and focusing on its own overloads to complete them successfully and frequently. The reduced recharge on overloads could be a flat percentage but seems more interesting giving it a reduced recharge per skill use, making that weapons with faster casting times (scepter, dagger) can overload faster than slow ones (staff). The changes try to combine well with the options on each traitline and lets the tempest (by moving aura share from water) becomes a full offensive (fire/air/tempest) or defensive (water/earth/tempest) support or even a mix of those. Tempest can also focus on being more selfish and versatile by focusing on overloading more frequent and successfully at the cost of sharing auras and heals.

    • Major Adept: Gale Song - Trigger "Eye of the Storm!" when a foe attempts to control you by stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, taunt, or launch. Eye of the Storm now provides static aura to allies.
    • Major Adept: Effective Conduit - Using skills from an attunement reduces the recharge of its overload.
    • Major Adept: Unstable Conduit - Overloading an attunement grants an aura based on the element you're attuned to when the ability is completed.

      • Minor Master: Speedy Conduit - Pulse swiftness and stability when overloading an attunement.
    • Major Master: Tempestuous Aria - Shouts have reduced CD and apply boons to Allies and conditions to Enemies based on shout. Shouts and overloads affect 10 targets.

    • Major Master: Elemental Bastion - Receive an aura at the start of your overloads based on attunement. Auras you apply last 33% longer.
    • Major Master: Harmonious Conduit - Upon successfully completing an overload, gain a buff based on overload (fire 5% dmg and condi dmg, air 10% crit dmg, earth -10% dmg and condi dmg reduction, water 10% healing effectiveness) for a period of time.

      • Minor Grandmaster: Hardy Conduit - Pulse protection and barrier while overloading an attunement.
    • Major Grandmaster: Imbued Melodies - Gain increased concentration when wielding a warhorn. Use Sand Squall when struck while below the health threshold. Sand squall now extends boons for 4 secs (instead of 2).

    • Major Grandmaster: Lucid Singularity - Remove and gain massive resistance to movement-impeding conditions while overloading your attunements. Overloads pulse superspeed.
    • Major Grandmaster: Tempestuous Auras - When you apply an aura to yourself, apply the same aura to 10 allies.
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