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  1. So, we have a interesting change in the EU in terms of population tonight, while the tiers are still settling after the Glicko relinks, matching up servers in different tiers. I doubt Gandara stays open for that long and servers like Deso, AM, Elona and SFR are full, the latter is in T5 with no link. Active links make a huge difference to the quality and quantity of WvW you get in the EU, even ones who are deemed medium according to the algorithm, but many are pretty much dead compared to others. WvW population change
  2. No idea who this guy is, I just hope he's not on our community discord and actually thinks you can complain, after weeks of steamrolling T1 EU. Clearly he got too comfortable with how overstacked or imbalanced the two months with WSR in T1 were, which saw the other servers who got stuck here, get clouded, spawn camped and ktrained every day. At least these get a lesson in how WvW isn't worth the effort over the 24 hour ppt game, where you shouldn't have 24/7 coverage anyway. Also we need Alliances or something. 😅
  3. Actually, it's hardly that active on Deso anymore, so it wouldn't be surprised that RoF and Piken will dominate T1 starting from next week. There are no queues at prime time apart from an EB clownfiesta and a few off peak ppt chatmanders, one active guild raiding 3 days a week and if we are lucky; open tags every other day, but it's been hard filling a full squad, because of the past couple of weeks during that last link. Still it's nice to be able to swap classes and hop back in straight away. Also underworld was perma t1 with piken and then fow for 4 months in a row,
  4. It is not downplaying, it is just the how it is, thanks to the Linking System. The population is likely just inflated due to being Perma T1, plus Anet opened WSR and Deso inexplicably during the last link, so WSR was heavily stacked too despite two of their guilds going on a break, but we'll see, because now during Prime time is already a struggle with Guilds stacking elsewhere and what you are left is a ton of pugs who don't even join the squads, never mind on proper classes, Discord or TS.. Eventually those pugs might transfers and stack elsewhere and then we have to wait fo
  5. It's not like Desolation, didn't go through bad times due to this linking system for the past 4 years, especially last year when we got went from having stacked links, to no link, dead links and a mass exodus of guilds. We are constantly losing players and guilds to our other links or other servers, because they think the grass was greener with this current Linking system. They were also regulars on Teamspeak or Discord , not the pugs who are spawn camping and ppt ktraining maps like the last link. Some of us tried to ask them to stop doing it, but Anet dropped us both to High popu
  6. Again, it's predictable that they give a perma t1 server another link no matter, the outcome of the matchups, because it's happened multiple times before. The imbalance of population and coverage is due to their negligence. People on Deso was expecting no link and we didn't mind after how bad it got two weeks ago, but hopefully the ppt bandwagon moves elsewhere, when we eventually should drop out if T1 at some point.
  7. Relinks are a joke at this point, cause Anet has no idea how to choose good links, how small the population is in the EU right now and how to control the imbalances in population and prevent players stacking on one or two servers , even during the Linking Period. I'm just looking forward to the chance of the Fairweather population who stacked on T1 server(s); to stack elsewhere for once, because the Relinks have become mostly predictable at this point too. I'm sure everyone was surprised Underworld and Piken got a link after that because of our dominant they w
  8. Honestly most of us even on Deso and WSR are tired of the state of T1 , especially after this event and after Anet dropped WSR/Deso to High population 4 weeks ago. We have maps filled by pugs and chatmanders even during the week, before prime time or guild raids. For the past two nights, we had pugs troll us by adding into our fights, ruining our stealth and complaining about us not PPTing, even though we have open tagged plenty of times this week for fights and wxp and also we've won every week by 100 victory points and almost every skirmish. If only Anet paid attent
  9. I didn't get to play wvw in 2012 before they removed the orb, but in alot of online pc games there is a ton of hackers, some you even see in PvP or wvw. So, I doubt it's worth the effort bringing them back.
  10. Eotm should be updated first though, but it depends on how stacked a server host or link is, before or during these kind of events. It could be like WvW is during the old days, but it shouldn't take away the population from the Borderlands or EB otherwise, unless it's to Scrim against other guilds in another matchup. It is bad in T1 EU on Deso and WSR, because Anet dropped us both recently to high population, while facerolling T1, every week for over a month and the problem may be on other servers with a high population of pve players on the host or link, where so far you can't hop
  11. At least quite a few populations in the EU are going to change on Monday, while we are also under two weeks before the relinks. Also its worse on servers with high pve population and ones who are stuck in T1 for weeks, who had alot of t1 fairweathers transferring in recently. It shows how the populations need to be adjusted more than once a week and correctly, especially with the current Linking system.
  12. Oddly enough, they've been tinkering with the population algorithm in the EU. Two weeks ago most servers were medium or high population, whilst there is still five tiers over here.
  13. EU has been a bit of a mess too. Is there enough population for five tiers anymore? In the past few weeks, there was one full server and one or two very high servers as far as I can recall. Deso and WSR who were and are still winning T1 every week by 100 victory points, dropped to high and many other servers to high and medium. Now the algorithm changed once more and we have 3 full servers in the EU and 5 very high. Deso had no Guilds with large active numbers transfer in, since being very high for two months and dropping to high during this link. The only t
  14. Since they postponed the Relinks during the Christmas holidays in 2019, it has been every two month on the last Friday Reset of the month from January - March - May - July - September - November
  15. You can blame Anet for dropping both servers to High last week. Just like back in the day when stacked SFR got bandwagoned by pugs, after they dropped to medium if memory serves me right, when Sacrx tried to take down Vizunah in early 2013. Or the cheaper transfers before we had those WvW Tournament Seasons, especially those on the cusp of Gold, who managed to end up in silver. Then we have this bandaid Linking system, which encourages transfers to servers, who doesn't need more ppt focused population, 4 weeks after the relinks. We also have a double wxp event next wee
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