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  1. Demands for open world PvP. Usually brought to you by:A) People who want a captive audience in major cities as they prove to the world how bad-kitten they are after tricking a newbie into flagging themselvesB) People who swaggered into WvW to pwn the world and got their kitten handed to them by roamersC) People who don't enjoy the game, and want to make sure everyone else is just as miserable as they are. There are several options for PvP in GW2 already. There don't need to be more.
  2. Balance is important in all 3 modes, but too convoluted due to things being tied together. The modes should never have shared balance properties.
  3. Except that Arenanet's business model is made specifically to punish people who leave for any long length of time. If you drop out for more than 3 months, and then decide you want to get back into the game, you have to fork over cash for any living story segments you might have missed, and you'd better log in once a week for the next 3 years if you want that mount skin or glider that you missed in the Gem store while you were gone.
  4. "Expansion level content" is nothing more than "business as usual" marketing gimmickry. There is no point of reference for what is defined as an "expansion". A GW2 expansion? An expansion by the standard of a given subset of MMO's? An expansion on the level of the gaming industry in general?The word "expansion" is most often associated in games with a game update that has large amounts of new content (i.e. HoT, PoF)."Level" is another part of the problem here. When coupled with "expansion", it leaves it completely open to whether or not "expansion level" means the quantity of content and/o
  5. How many longbows are there which have multiple skin unlocks when you obtain a given weapon? The wiki says something about the Mistforged Obsidian Longbow skin unlocking more than one skin, but are there others that are tied into multiple unlocks?
  6. It's intentional. Anet operates the game on scarcity & chaos principles in order to generate gem sales. Some items are given a high percentage chance with RNG in order to balance the very low RNG of other items (i.e. leather) so that some vital items are cost prohibitive, thus encouraging people to just buy gems to convert to gold so they can get their crafted item in a realistic time frame that works with their available time to play the game. The addition of the leather farm in Lake Doric was an attempt to put a cap on the maximum price that some types of leather would rise to, withou
  7. The system was created around selling the gemstore items that expand it. Thus the overly complex and convoluted nature of it.
  8. I don't play GW2 that often anymore. I log in to help friends who still play, maybe buy a new skin off the trading post, but that's about it. While I absolutely love a certain other game, one thing I go have to give credit to Anet for with GW2 is that while bots were a problem in the first couple years (and to some extent still are), the people at Arenanet who have been in charge of taking care of this blight on gaming have done a really good job compared to even a few subscription based games. Yes, they still exist, that much is clear, but I was sitting in a major city near a quest hub the o
  9. Do you guys have a google calendar reminder set up to say "hey, there hasn't been a post about Cantha in over 10months!" ?Not that I'm against the idea, but this has been requested for years now, and last I recall, Anet was pretty firm that they weren't going there.
  10. Same. Once a friend convinced me to try out XIV, it was a done deal. Only log in here to help friends with a quest here and there.
  11. Southsun Cove was the first map the made the change for, and it was quite some time ago, as people discovered you could very very quickly complete the map on a low level character. So it is sort of in it's own category there. *edit: And they didn't just remove the keys, they pretty much nuked the rewards from orbit.
  12. Anet created the Skyscale as a means of providing a dragon-like mount while at the same time maintaining a somewhat low profile as far as community noise goes.I mean, let's be real. If they'd made a Wyvern, the forums would be a battlezone for the next 3 years over the pronunciation of the name. :D
  13. Patchnotes that would get me to seriously consider buying one:-The Recharging Teleport to Friend now teleports you to your friend with an instant cool-down if you feed it 100exotic luck essences.
  14. It’s a relatively small community that’s left, hence LS over expansions. Just admit it, guys: no expansion spells trouble. If you mean to say that "no expansions" means less money for the game, I'm waiting until the next season of LS, because I'm guessing we're going to find out it won't be free.
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