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  1. My first feedback from wvw perspective after some duels: AA is too slow and has no real impact: the weapon aa cast was veeery slow and unrewarding, you can neither pressure ur opponent with that nor getting really much heal from it. aa rotation feels like 3 sec for whole rota, but the tooltip casttimes where like 1/2+1/2+3/4= 1,75 sec. maybe too much aftercast on the aa. aa projectiles misses the target very easily when the target wiggles a little in movement. 2nd spell: castspeed and dmg+ effects are fine for short cd spell. but the projectile very easily misses the target. should have a better hitrate on maxrange (better homing or hitbox on projectile) - the gorment spell has no real gain, so i usually just didnt used it. i dont see why i should anyway since gorment spells dmg is mediocre but cost hell of life. (hitting me harder then opponent) 3nd spell (leaps): the leap is helpful but in my tests vs a mesm, between all the blocks/invulns my opponent used it was hard to hit it. like 9 of 10 casts went into blocks because the animation is very clear and easy to counter. maybe the second leap should have an unblockable to have a real gain for reactivating this spell with higher hitchance on 2nd leap. imo spell would be better to use, if it wouldnt leap to a target but the leap target area would be like an aoe placed with the mouse (like new warrior staff 2 leap) 4th spell: way too long casttime. i lietrally eat the whole spike of my opponent while casting it. and the dmg+ impact ist mediocre. and the gorment reactivation skill just is the same with a little chill on it. why spend 2k life for it? 5th spell: nice idea with the fear on recast, but its like i cast this spell and have to wait like 1 secs before it reaches my opponent and then to recast it. in the meantime i cannot really cast another spell because casttimes on other spells are to long so i would miss my timewindow for recast. so in the end i am stuck for like 2 sec in that spell feels not that great. overall sword has potential and a cool design but feels unrewarding by the dmg numbers and slow in cast.
  2. idk this whole game has so many game braeking bugs, its demotivating to play it. literally every story instantwhen i played it was at some point buged. anet has to improve a lot here. realesing an addon that is nearly unplayable because of that kitten...
  3. you can complain about perma aura by ele, so you get stunned, chilled everytime you hit that class (while projectiles literally useless against them) that leaves no counterplay or perma invis stacking thiefes by using smoke + finisher that leaves no counterplay or perma invuln,block chaining mesmers that leaves no counterplay or. 3000 range one shot pewpew by ranger in under 1 sec. or berserker warri hitting you with 15k on like every skill in berserk form i mean i have seen so many revs, guards, necros, rangers, mesmer,... [add here any class] that get oneshot by full power builds in under 1 sec by revs, guards, necros, rangers, mesmer,... [add here any class]. or whatever. There are million things you could complain about but the problem is neither cele nor balancing. in the end its just a rock-paper-scissor problem. you cant beat everything on 1 build, cause game is not balanced around 1v1, but groupfights. if you have problems with willy and harb its your playstyle, class chose or skill thats wrong/lacking. play DE or SB and you wont have any problems with those 2 classes or accept that you have to be better than your opponent. in the same way e.g. harbs have to be better then the DE to win since harb is countered by DE.
  4. harb is heavily countert by projectile hate. especially elementalists can cast perma reflect by magnetic aura and other effects. that way a harb can nearly never hit you. your blocks and invulns complete the set. as ele you should never die to a harb. in general harb get countered by same things necros get countered: mobility + cc + range. and especially burst.
  5. as i said: "until ult runs out". harb is a heavily projectile related class. you can ez deny the most of its dmg by using reflects, invis, blocks, etc. just getting hit by the ult should not kill you. even when the ult hits you: burning+poison+bleeding+torment are the only condis you get by it that continously dmg you. on cele build with 25 stacks of might it should be around 700 condi dmg/s, all that condis together. i mean even with 12k hp the ult alone needs more then 10 seconds to kill you. if you cant use condi cleanses its not a balance issue. even 2 stacks of burning by a full condi build already ticking higher dmg.
  6. i always wonder why people dont seem to know the tons of counterplay. i mean you just need a reflect, block, dodge or just move out of harbs range until the ult runs out. every class can easily do that.
  7. cant agree with OP. 1. cele is a hybrid playstyle that is meant to create sustained fights . obviously, everyone that is aiming for 1 shotting an cheesing opponents, will be somewhat frustrated since cele is not easy 1 shottable, though it still is possible. 2. claiming it is IN GENERAL unfun is wrong, since OP can only speak for himself. 3. claiming it can easily 1vX while the x also can play celestial makes no sense at all. 4. and in fact cele has not more power then only power builds, and not more condi then only condi builds. even on e.g. full power builds you can put in enough concentration and boon duration buffs with runes and more, that you can achieve high boon uptimes. dont see why full power builds wouldnt have access to boons like cele. 5. there are enough builds that are at least equally strong as cele , like builds that rely on high uptime of e.g. invis, blocks, invulns. that way e.g. builds on mesmer, thief,... can easily outsustain several players while being capable of 1 shotting. so this builds are at least as viable as cele builds are. OP should stop searching for excuses for lack of success at the game. if you are a very good player it doesnt matter what builds people play, you will easily win 99,9% of your fights by pure skill diff. if you cant, u are just not good enough.
  8. not really its just a power shift. before it was good for cleaving(whats important since harb cant really stomp in fights with more then 1 opponent). less for dmg vs living targets that are moving. now its a bit better vs moving targets and worse for cleaving and cced targets. so it depends on situation if its better or worse.
  9. @Double Tap since i saw you taking care for some bug fixes. is there any chance for an info on that bug?
  10. this seems like a ranger/engi propaganda. every roaming list that doesnt contains ranger/engi builds cant be serious. plz mr. sahne, make better researches 🧐 i am awaiting your reports tomorrow. 😏
  11. yeah ele is not that weak people consistently claiming, but you should consider that the mota had specific rules, 1 tank amulet stats was banned and every spec was just allowed 1 time per team. those changes can effect team combs heavily.
  12. i mean when i remember some years ago you clicked something in shop and it loaded instantly. right now its sooooo laggy in trading post and getting worse month by month. its really unfun when you have to wait 3-5 seconds after every click in shop...sometimes also lagging out completely so i need to close and open it again. idk, plz fix this shop anet...
  13. as the title says. weakening shroud on critical hits doesnt apply the weaknes on any necro spec.
  14. to get a legy you need to play all ingame stuff. thats the idea for legys. there are also a lot of people playing pve to get those, even is they dont want to. i think u just need to get used to it.
  15. hmm,l i would say there are effects like food/utility that gives extra stats in relation to existing stats. so having flat 15% is less valuable then having 225 ferocity. could be the idea here
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