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  1. Fix 300sec icd traits and rework acro please
  2. Ofc your suggestion is literally continue down this path of overnerfing stuff first instead of tweaking slowly. Cus once overnerfed they never iterate stuff back ever. if it isnt enough of a nerf they can continue to look into further nerfing wb.
  3. No start small and then iterate further. All i hear from ppl is nerf dmg of harb,wb,untamed etc and we gonna go back to tanky snoozefest. stuff doesnt get blown up unless u dont press a single button and close ur eyes
  4. 100% only small tweaks id do is increase f1f2f3 virtues cd by 5-10sec on wb. harb just nerf death magic tankiness. then buff core/hot specs.
  5. Hopefully anet wont listen to u and for once stop nerfing stuff to the ground. Small tuning and buff/rework the dead stuff. thanks
  6. Either you play sword dagg/dagg pistol mara or do condi carrion amu scep/dagg + sword/pist, not as a bunker. mara build u run almost full wells and with sword you have plenty of mobility
  7. CS/TR/Specter mara chrono rune sd + dp gigaslayer
  8. Untamed had a tradeoff... that got removed😂
  9. just swap out some mara piece? twin fangs is like million times better than assasins fury Despite the description, this trait does not increase your critical damage stat, rather the damage dealt by critical hits by 7%, which makes the trait much stronger than described.
  10. core thief and drd already dead might as well dig the hole a bit deeper:)
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