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  1. I feel like these discussions always end up being about semantic and not about the actual problem lol And tbh @Daniel Handler.4816, you just keep ignoring the fact that mesmer has lost a almost not countable amount of traits and mechanics that it borders on an insult to even begin to call it viable. What you are talking about is if not just a single build, which is only really usable in niche situations and only if the skill level of the mesmer player is higher than that of the opponent. I mean, what? You cannot play anything on mesmer beside one dodge condi mirage and even this b
  2. Hmm i find the expertise statement not quite true. There is a lot of things you try to mix up now. As you stated the two systems are not comparable which makes any discussion about whether mana costs would influence the viability of gw2 bunny thumper obsolete. But for the notes: gw1 ranger used a lot of high mana skills of other classes, but bunny thumper in fact not so much. The high mana skill bunny thumper uses is „rampage as one“, which is a ranger skill and costs 25 mana (I don’t have to look it up btw I still know it). In generell I find in quite annoying why it’s always a dis
  3. I stated that the overall results are an disappointment you just cut that part out of your reply. And, no I haven’t bought it because i don’t see the justification for it. But to be honest: for PvP- and WvW-only players, ESpecs are the only content the expansions offers beside some armor stats. So yes, I will buy expansions just for the ESpecs they offer and since I’m mesmer main and played gw1 since basically day 1, I would buy an expansion, and even the special edition, if a) the Mesmer spec is good and interesting enough and b) other specs consist of builds from gw1. But again, it’s a huge
  4. If Virtuoso wasn’t this bad, I would have bought the new XPac just for bunny thumper, that’s for sure. It was long due, that this company shows some respect for the oldest veterans. To bad they came up with such a low over all result and in generell left a very bad taste after all these years. Out of self respect I will wait, till this xpac is available in a third party reseller store. It’s sad to see the newer generation of this game not even knowing the basics and beginnings. Feels like the spirit finally died completely. Remarkable, what this company accomplished with gw1 and h
  5. I updated it. 57 reasons why we have every right to demand getting a second dodge back.
  6. which is what I said. Don’t be so selective in reading.
  7. As it was already mentioned fast casting is quickness. It’s the same as „backfire“ and several other skills are now summed up under confusion. The biggest difference to fast casting is that it doesn't affect CDs but additionally improves attack speed. But in the end chrono received fast casting with alacrity and quickness. Now you could argue that boon and condition monopoly is a bad thing but to an extend it makes classes unique and desirable to play. In a Meta where a 100% boon uptime is the most important measure, you will always pick the class that can apply the wanted boon lon
  8. I can only speak for myself but as a mostly small scale player, I need to flip items on the trading hub to generate my gold for ascending gear and stuff like that and tbh, I’m tired of it. Some of my PvE friends have account values of several hundred thousand gold and are crafting their idk how many legendary. It’s one of the many head scratching things that adds up to the bulk why playing this game is just not fun anymore. My time has the same value as anyone else, so why is there still a huge part of the community that actively demands to cripple the game for some people? It’s kinda ridiculo
  9. Oh dear, don’t tell them about smither boon. The realization that the devs are too incapable of balancing their own game. Since 16 years it is established practice by ANet to basically delete traits they don’t want to change. But tbh it was never this bad. Even more head scratching is that people still defend this incompetent company.
  10. out of discussion but wanted to make it more complete. The community should know how much mesmer lost iWorlock summoned 3x Winds of Chaos - deleted (not gonna cry on that one but why adding it in the first place then?) iWorlock dealt more damage for each condition on the enemy - deleted IWorlock got an 50% nerf AND was reduced from 2 to 1 phantasm btw. For each illusion more movement speed trait - deleted for each mantra more % damage - deleted 3 activations for each mantra trait - deleted (and given to another class) Mantras can’t be prepared anymore
  11. PB was how long implemented in this game and not an issue? The problem you all have is not PB. It’s the state of the game itself, which is gutted to the ground. There wasn’t often a real use for it before the big damage nerf anyways. The last few years, this company basically nerfed and deleted everything till another trait, that was never really used before, got viable. And as soon as this trait got viable it gets deleted because of outcry’s like these ones. Stop try to nerf or even delete everything existing in this game. This whole „nerf these, delete that“ nonsense brought us
  12. If condi mirage was op but power mirage wasn't. Doesn’t that mean that the problem is related to something what both „alignments“ don’t have in common? And your version of equalization is crippling a whole class or how can I understand this? „They try their best“ ou come! Do we have now the same expectations from these developers as from a „special“ child or what? This is getting seriously ridiculous.
  13. Glamour Confusion Trait Glamour Super Speed Trait Clone HP trait Clone does condis when downed trait Blind on Chaos armor Blind on all shatter skills trait GS damage Nerv Phantasms now spawn only 1 time Phantasm skills now perform an attack that reveals the Mesmer Staff iWorlock from 2 to 1 in PvP/WvW Staff iWorlock attack change from one hit to channel beam Core Elite Skills CD increase Focus 4 from instant cast to having a internal CD before activation boon share signet (!!!!) deleted but given to another espec Portal dur
  14. I am baffled by how many bad decisions this company made in the development of GW2, but now… Virtuoso and it’s state in Beta 4? I have never experienced something like this ever before. This company deleted game content for 3 years and accepted that people who payed real money (a lot of money!) are not able to play their class anymore. And they have the guts to literally spit in the face of the community with two underwhelming betas, ignoring not only a few comments but the whole kitten feedback threat and Mesmer forum in generell? And somehow this company still manages to generate customers t
  15. This precisely circumscribes, why this ESpec and class is now utterly garbage.
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