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  1. Besides the boat man mentioning cats to my Charr and someone on NK's docks saying he'd never seen one ( charr ) I can't think of anything else.
  2. Got the same experience. I thought it might be a bug related to DX11... or just a bug.
  3. As a Charr player, it is a long standing stance that I must abstain from commenting on armor skins because I'd rather not feel like a third grade citizen
  4. Considering how advanced Cantha is, we'll need a space faring mount to reach the super secret Aetherblades base on the moon (?)
  5. I don't agree or disagree. Just pointing out on which side of the river you stand. There's team "filthy casuals/RPers" who would think the OP has a point on one bank and there's team " Min/Maxing robots" who think it's going to be a balancing/efficiency nightmare on the other. Both are right but want different things and there is no way Anet can please both unless they present a separate solution for each. At that point Anet would have to decide is "cool" is worth the cost or not. I'm not in management to make their minds for them. This thread won't change minds either.
  6. That's the crux of min/maxing. Efficiency and optimization.
  7. I did so all the time in WoW and among friends and in the open world, it's fine. As soon as it gets competitive, it's an issue. In GW2's framework that would probably mean disable any and all racial skills/perks in any PvP mode and Fractal/Raid. That's a lot of content. Would it be worth it man/hour wise? Probably not... but it would be cool for much needed racial flavor in a game that lacks as much as GW2 does. Either you're a game company and do cool things sometimes or you're a business and you do what's most efficient. Tin foil hat theory here but deep down, I have a feeling they regret
  8. "I would have bragged about this place to my warband ... if I hadn't mercilessly butchered them like the traitors they were" Doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well... 😉
  9. I'd be all for actualizing racial skills to 2022 level but as was mentioned before "min/maxer drones is why we can't have nice things". So it would have to be done very carefully. ( I'd be the first one to cheer if Battle Roar was interchangeable with "For great Justice!" ... if only because it doesn't always say the same kitten thing ). It's a simple change but the trickle down effect in some circles would be unpredictable. I wouldn't want to be booted out of groups because my given character doesn't have the 1% chill condition reduction some Norn has... and you know it would happen to.
  10. I see where you're coming from. I wasn't implying racism more a lack of creative courage. They showed some for the Charr and Asura for instance. The former are inspired by an idea: conquest and war the latter by corporate culture. Save for some superficial things like military ranks lifted from the Roman Empire, you can't point at the Charr and say " those are Mongols/Huns/Romans. The Norn could have just been humans who renounced the six and turned to worship of nature. Hell they could have been Jotun instead of the Jotun. They went with big humans who think and act like humans with a vague
  11. Don't put words into my mouth. The Norns are a farce... but you already knew that right ?
  12. That's quite true. We have a tendency to approach "Asia", "Africa" and "Middle Eastern" like monolithic blocks when depicting them in media ( such as video games ) and GW2 is no exception. There is no love lost in East Asia between China, Vietnam, Cambodia Korea and Japan for instance. Seeing their cultural markers mishmashed together into "fantasy China" is likely to be more insulting than endearing. It's likely much easier to borrow aspects of different cultures and splice them together to give an illusion of coherence to the unaware than it is to come up with something truly unique but
  13. Nitpicking here but those are in the gem shop to make you spend cash, nothing to do with world building.
  14. I have a few acquaintances in game design and that's exactly the reasons they gave me when I raised to subject.
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