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  1. Yeah man, I'm sorry but with a vindicator dropping 4k damage on every dodge I'm not getting close to them. And also the skill gives aegis, mitigating the counterplay you just mentioned.
  2. I'm not trying to say thief is OP or whatever, but d\p thieves can and do maintain 100% stealth uptime while also preserving all of their cooldowns and be back at 100% ini once they performed their rotation.
  3. And the SA trait for 0.75s superspeed once you enter stealth, and the cleanse, and the PBAoE blind on enter stealth from the trait (on top of the PBAoE blind from black powder, and the ranged blind -always from black powder).
  4. A core thief can do that with something like 5 minutes of practice and Shadow Arts. Cast pistol5, dagger2. Wait 2.5s, cast dagger2 again. You'll leave stealth for 0.1s (SA refunds initiative on stealth leave; that's 2 ini), then immediately enter stealth again (and proc SA again, 1 more initiative). Boom, 99.9% stealth uptime without wasting a single cooldown nor actual initiative. From there you can build up with stealth from healing skills/utilities/using daredevil dodges instead of ini-costly backstabs (and those leaps are also uninterruptible) You're welcome.
  5. WAAAAAY too much stab and projectile hatred for that to be meta. I told him to bring this super OP willbender build to some 1v1 arena, if he wins a duel out of ten I give him 100g. Never did, guess he didn't need the gold.
  6. I'll ping you in game, as soon as I figure out your time schedule ❤️
  7. yeah yeah nobody cares about that, did you bring your despicable thiefing to EU tho?
  8. Never buff virtuoso no matter what happens Just trust me on this one
  9. Ok flowki, it took a moment to remember who you are, sorry got a lapsus. Now that I DO know who you are, I can confidently say you're lying. I love you and respect you but none of the several builds I've seen you playing would beat any vindicator beyond plat1 and that's already stretching it. Not through your fault, you're playing on harder difficulty because you play very original and offmeta builds, but that's a matchup you don't win and you should stop pretending you do.
  10. And Riposting Shadows and Battle Dance and Phase Smash, just for evades. Then there's a projectile block + aegis on Field of the Mists. Then there's all the vigor+Energy Meld+various sigils of energy to proc more dodges Then there's bonus endurance from Scavenger Burst\Tree Song. That's just counting what they get from the buttons they press, IDK enough about revenant to talk about the defensives they might get from traits. Point is: are you REALLY sure vindicators are going to be so starved out of defensives...? Because they can cycle through these pretty much endlessly.
  11. Bursting clones, jumping on trees and losing a 3v1, I wouldn't post this video even if the CIA compelled me to.
  12. I like this guy, do what he says With nothing, it's strong already as it is. A nerf doesn't necessarily need to come with a compensation; if stuff it's too strong, it gets chopped.
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