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  1. Constructive feedback was submitted plenty of times. CmC got the whole mesmer community to write a doc about mesmer's state in PvP, with suggestions, analysis and what not; @JazzXman.7018 herself curated it and made sure he would receive it. I'm still salty because I was among those helping with the document, making sure it was insightful and concise, as we perfectly know time from a professional is precious and scarce. No response was ever received after this community effort. No feedback has ever been acted upon. It's been about 2 years now. Neither was a response received after the sever
  2. I'm afraid you didn't get it right. Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong but there are 2 developers at work here, and we're going to call them S and C. S: designed Virtuoso, Mechanist and probably Harbinger IIRC, performed the chrono changes we'll have in a couple of days. Reworked staff mesmer to the obscenely boring and passive garbage it currently is. Literally nothing of his current work can be saved; he should be moved to some cookie clicking game where his passive gameplay would shine the most. C: designed untamed, removed a dodge from mirage. Thinks staying hydrated is very important.
  3. If I was an executive, I'd take a certaim amount of designers and immediately dispatch them to some other task. Doesn't matter which task you get, you could even be given a pay rise for all I care, I just need to know you're not calling the shots about anything anymore. Literally the first thing I'd do. Once a certain amount of people was removed from their current position, we can talk business, everything goes IDC. The patch goes live, the patch doesn't go live, it doesn't matter nearly as much as making sure that whoever is responsible for this steaming pile of kitten can't pull that off
  5. Developers just give us a goal to reach. I believe in the forum, we can do this.
  6. I've said in the past "CmC is getting some decent changes, patches are small but good and he's definitely improving". With the benefit of hindsight, I don't think it was my best take.
  7. The chrono shatter changes weren't bad enough to make me uninstall. Reading halfway through the preview for this patch was enough to make me uninstall.
  8. Ok for group content, I guess. But let's assume you want to play solo... in other words, you wanted to duel... in a traitline called literally dueling... your fury uptime gets halved. Just saying. Yeah let's nerf virtuoso, it's definitely too strong. I'm really not a fan of this. I can understand why this was done, but the decision itself is bad. Forcing a GM trait to work with a given weapon can be understandable if it's the weapon trait, but forcing 2 GM traits to work with a given weapon is really kittening distasteful. And chronomancer is already pretty kittening bad.
  9. HOW TO FIX HEADBUTT: Currently: you headbutt your opponent Proposition: you butthead your opponent. Still useless, but you get to shake that booty.
  10. I miss pre feb patch days, when the answer to the deranged necromancer madness was a single gs mesmer just annihilating the thing from stealth in 0.5s And the answer to the deranged mesmer madness were holosmith dropping revealed on AoE... which is basically every skill And the answer to the deranged holosmith madness was... well, nothing, holosmith was obscene back then, but the damage was so high it didn't matter, sooner or later it would die to random bs hitting like a truck. It was good fun!
  11. > nuke harbinger > nuke willbender > suddenly support guardians all over the place, once again; this time with vindicators and bladesworns please no I beg you. This meta is garbage, but vindicators and support guardians are worse.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, it would be a Christmas gift 6 months earlier
  13. > me, trying to just play the game while some forum ranger won't stop trying to rotate me
  14. BLADESWORN 1- Fix the bugged ICD on stab; Dragonscale Defense should trigger stab once every 60s, it currently has no ICD. Ideally, the trait would pulse resolution and prot (so you don't get destroyed while charging your DT), while the stab would be moved to Triggerguard with a reduced cd, make it 25s IDK (so you can make a conscious decision to protect THIS ONE dragon trigger, instead of having the game decide it for you when you don't need it, once per minute) 2- Fix CD on healing skill; Interrupting Combat Stimulant should send it on 4s cd instead of no cd at all 3- Make it less spammy;
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