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  1. Good manners should be taught by parents, unfortunately toxicity in the gaming community is a growing problem and the gaming companies have to address toxicity seriously because it damages their incomes. If toxic players keep being awful they only force the gaming companies hands to address their bad behavior with harsher measures. Toxicity is a time bomb, every company should take this problem seriously.
  2. Stop telling people to man up, if you can't write something nice don't write anything at all.
  3. Hi @Fny.4502, as someone who doesn't tolerate rudeness my advice to you is to block the mean players and if you are still feeling bad you could take a break from the game playing something else or do something else entirely with your spare time. Taking a little break from playing the game would be a healthier choice in this case. I am sorry you have had to experience verbal abuse for playing sPvP, not everyone is lucky enough to being raised with good manners and rudeness is not something we have to tolerate.
  4. Impressive, well done, @Drawner.2619amazing job
  5. I feel as if ArenaNet needed to expand their number of employees to improve the development of GW2. The company has experienced a huge number of layoffs recently and it's clear to me their employees are struggling with the amount of work that needs to be done. If I was the Head of NCsoft I would invest more on GW2 development being this game a big chuck of their revenue with very good prospects.
  6. One of the Chrono Mesmers I played with in fractal was dealing 100k cleave on T4 Siren's Reef last boss before the big balance patch, by the logic of those claiming Guardians and Necromancers to be the favoured professions Mesmers should be considered the top favoured child of Anet. The reality is some professions are better at cleaving, others are not. Cleave DPS is not considered relevant by raiders when benchmarking a profession.
  7. The dye system is currently showing the wrong colours when using the same dye on the same armour weight (heavy, medium, light). Can you fix this by showing the same colour shade on all armour pieces? For example when I use the celestial dye on my heavy helm it shows the colour white as it should be but after applying the same colour on my Warlord's gloves the same colour appears greyish. I would like all colours to have the same shade on all my armour pieces. I don't understand why the shades look different.
  8. They are both very good at cleaving adds, you shouldn't take cleave into consideration when comparing each profession's DPS. Benchmarks are done on single targets. You can cleave even with very selfish profession specializations and top the DPS meters, for example hitting Rifle 2 with a Deadeye on a stacked group of adds while kneeling, as you can see cleave is objectively not very relevant when comparing DPS.
  9. So far I have only been disappointed by the new Elite Specs, my hype was gone long time ago and peaked the lowest point when Catalyst was revealed. Now Scepter Thief, is going to be revealed at the end of October.
  10. I disagree with you because Catalyst's current benchmark exceeded 45k DPS. Damage is not everything to consider on an Elite Spec, utility, survivability, boon generation are way more important factors and trait synergy as well. Another important factor is a lot of players don't like Catalyst as it is, many of them expected a pure ranged Spec with Rifle or Longbow, not this mid range hybrid which doesn't fit a Spellcaster with the lowest hp in the game. If ArenaNet designers think scholar professions have to be melee mages they should raise every profession's base HP to 15k, except for War
  11. I wouldn't pay for anything because ArenaNet deeply disappointed me. This is my honest opinion.
  12. It's just an artwork, you will have a sad Hammer in EoD. 1% of the poll thinks it's a great Elite Spec, good luck with that...
  13. And you are not capable to generate Quickness or Alacrity for your party or squad either. Double the efforts for half the reward. Playing this profession is like working twice as hard in an office to get paid half the salary earned by your other working colleagues, I wonder why we are being told that Elementalist is balanced as it is. I think I must have a different definition of balance because at the moment the benefits are not balanced.
  14. Based on the poll on Catalyst they brushed a lot of players the wrong way
  15. Sure, and if I don't want to buy their expansion I don't have to throw my hard earned money at them either because I strongly disagree with their choices.
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