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  1. I knew that magnetic aura was fishy, Ele has a history for being a nerf magnet
  2. I would like to see a complete rework and change of design philosophy on Elementalist as a whole, but I know it is not going to happen because I am not the lead designer. Apparently no matter how weak and clunky Elementalist might feel to players, it's a nerf magnet. Anet can freely delete Elementalist, I won't miss it, it would be nice if we can all get a lvl 80 boost if they did, just so we don't feel our time has been wasted leveling a dead horse.
  3. I can bet my life on it, there are always open tags in LFG and I clear wings regularly every week
  4. I want raids and dungeons to become the most popular content in GW2. 1 new raid wing and 2 dungeons every year would be a good starting point but also an easy, normal and legendary mode in raids to teach new players boss mechanics and introduce them gradually into raiding. Nerf bosses who are clearly way harder than the rest on the same wing for the existing raids to balance out the wing difficulty level.
  5. You are right and I agree on all of that, although your counter argument doesn't imply that Dhuum would have given Joko his powers and immortality, undeath only applies to Dhuum's minions. There is no source claiming that Joko would be a minion of Dhuum, another point against this assumpion would be the limited amount of background story we know about Joko's past. About the reference you are also right, I have done a mistake in there, the lack of elemental on mummies however removes further the likelihood that Joko's immortality could have been granted by a Djinn, in my opinion. No
  6. Hi Konig, you have always been very knowledgeable about Guild Wars lore but I would exclude Dhumm's involvement, because the fallen God was strictly against undeath. Thanks for your thoughts Dhuum - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) The mummy/elemental reference can be found in the GW1 wiki on Joko's page.
  7. I play Condi Weaver and played all other Ele builds, problem with the first build is the inability to do high damage when the enemy keeps moving. Almost all your skills roots the Ele in place. The Dps is decent if you are playing it right but compared to the efforts to get there other professions would just perform better. I don't think a gaming company needs to look at the benchmarks of a speedclear guild who doesn't even compete to be the top ranked worldwide, Anet has its own data gathering programs, most of the time is a miss because not even the best developer can foresee how players
  8. Being there no official answer from the writers I can only assume by exclusion, the likelihood of my claims being right are acceptably high. This is how I work with lore at the moment. Consider that there has been a Lich already, Vizier Khilbron became a lich through Abaddon's magic. I don't think a Djinn is powerful enough to equal the power of Abaddon by granting a wish. EoD could offer us some answers to confirm either one or the other theory, who knows? There has been a discussion on Joko already in the past, here is the link: Who, or what, is Joko? - Lore - Guild Wars
  9. Sure, I will have a look at all the information gathered from playing all the GW2 LW and expansion stories including the insane number of achievements done and books red. I may be right, who knows. Who else do you think could have given Joko his magic and immortality? There is no doubt there are a lot of things pointing out on the mysterious Djinn granting Joko a wish, as Joko is also classified as a mummy whish is an Elemental. The Vizier of Orr became a Lich Lord after using scrolls of Dark Magic and the lore in this case seems to point out to Abaddon and his magic.
  10. Abaddon gifted Joko his powers, Zhaitan doesn't have to be able to resurrect itself in order to be an Elder Dragon of Undeath.
  11. I guess this is another message from Anet to remind us that we have chosen the wrong Scholar profession and we should have picked Mesmer or Necromancer in character creation instead of Elementalist.
  12. I don't see why thief shouldn't be meta in sPvP or any other game modes. It's certainly not Meta in a WvW zerg as thieves get insta kicked from zergs because that's the most meta dependant mode in the game and thieves are not welcome there.
  13. Elementalist is a profession designed to be good at nothing and requires 10 times the efforts you would get with another profession just for DPS. The boons provided are suboptimal, it's just there to remind everyone that they have picked the wrong scholar profession in character creation and that they should have picked Mesmer instead, which provides both quickness and alacrity.
  14. Thank you, I couldn't find those information on the wiki so I thought the problem the OP had with thief was stealth. The ability you mentioned has a 45 seconds CD from last patch in PvP, it pulses for 7 seconds every 1 seconds and the thief is still targetable, I don't see where the problem is, simply keep the thief away from you for the whole duration to waste its CD, nothing broken here. The 3 dodges are part of the DD design philosophy, can't change that. Thief is about evades and blindness is a necessary tool to justify the lowest base hp in the game mixed with medium armor.
  15. 7 seconds of stealth is too long on thief? Mesmer has a stealth with a longer base duration than that and it's not a thief, if you are having a hard time in PvP get a team mate to support you. PvP is not a 1vs1 game mode.
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