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  1. the new approach of the sidelined oh dagger is appreciated @anet esp since it seems to be the first time u acknowledge mistakes in balncing. everyone does them so no hard feelings. the one unadressed balance change on dagger oh is the evade frame on ride the lightning though. i dont think dagger oh will ever be in a good place in wvw w/o reverting this unwarranted change aswell. similar skills like unrelenting assault of rev and smoke assault of slb all have that built in evade frame that doesnt let them vurlnerable to range dps spikes while animation loged. i really hop
  2. u run it zerk. and dont listen to the guy above me. u do more than 21k in the same timeframe as a singletarget skill.
  3. catalyst is all about adding stab to core dd. nothing else and that could ve been done way easier as it is just one trait. wasted
  4. thx for staunch auras. this trait is the best elite spec ever. edit to everyone oO @ me: take away hammer and u got core design. catalyst traitline impact on actual gameplay is 0 except for staunch auras trait. put staunch auras on a core traitline to give it a chance in this meta. for catalyst pls start from scratch for f5 as it does nothing.
  5. y i get you and i ve to say i also forgot that 1 hammer water heal to mention. meanwhile though: what are your stunbreaks? the amount of stab looked good ngl but it takes 1 nec to fear chain u back to spawn as you gonna lack stunbreaks. you also gonna lack range or the ability to avoid channeled attacks such as slb merge. you just gonna get kited hard sitting next to your atunment well. if anything the spec screams teamfighty damage dealer with offensive support but its gonna be also dependant on support to survive. those 600 range will also cripple its effect regarding the tf area. comp
  6. 0 evade frames on weapon skills 1 heal on weapon skills 1,5 leaps w/o evade frames aka negative mobility that can get rupted another meh heal 2 dodges hf bunkering when that 1 block is behind an atunement cd.
  7. he can only tweek numbers not change skills hence the 300 s traits instead new once. the only things of the latest patch he prolly tweeked was nade coefficient. karls way of balance is introducing new skills/traits instead of getting stuff right. u know, the way u end up with several broken things instead of acknowledging u messed up. this is how mo and he placed the game in the pit were it is atm.
  8. You have such an unreasonable degree of optimism and trust... I envy you. Also, don't read the patchnotes. its not a cmc patch its a karl patch. its so obvious that i rly dont get why ppl jump on cmc. he had basicly no saying in this.additionally the mentioned frequent balance updates of cmc were also blocked by the pve team lead by karl.
  9. they had a former buged(?) / (or unintended) arcane boon trait that gave boons on double atunement which they patched at some point. thats all.
  10. nerf lich autolower stab uptime on reaperlower condi cleanses on reaperget rid of quickness keep the dmg
  11. allrdy filed a report but in case u wondering at times kinda crucial as many run cleansing/energy and fresh air builds may run exposure sigill. unravel doesnt help it proc either https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aN1VrqADlc&feature=youtu.be
  12. If you double atune on weaver say from Water/Air to Water/Water >Cleansing/Battle/Doom any on swap Sigill Does Not Proc.Same goes for the usage of Unravel from say Water/Air into Water/Water. RIP
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