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  1. The spec feels half assed tbh. I understand not having new set of skills on all pets, but at least the ranged ones should have something different, also unleashed skills being only on hammer makes weapon swap feel bad.
  2. Not a single word on pet AI, as cool as Untamed and Mechanist are, this stuff is DOA
  3. Looks like it's not yet another 1v1 me noob roaming spec so that's automatically a win for me
  4. Ever since the DX11 update, the game is borderline unplayable for me. The game crashes to desktop on logging out all the time + I'm getting stuck at loading screens. This started when I switched to DX11 however I switched back since then, but the problems are still persistent.
  5. You should be able to channel the Dragon Trigger on the move, there's literally no reason why it should be otherwise. There still could be a brief moment when you unsheathe the blade to give opponents time to react and dodge it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnPFClMkl_k&ab_channel=RageJ There, made the spec 200% cooler
  6. I'm not a tryhard so the fact that it's basically Rurouni Kenshin: the spec sells it for me
  7. Lot of people over at the Thief forum were convinced that Thief would get a Samurai/Ronin/Bladedancer themed spec with a great sword before it was pretty much confirmed they will get a scepter
  8. Thieves got cucked out from the Samurai spec, you love to see it. Looks cool, I'll dust off my warrior
  9. Well, there goes my hope for Golemancer or Siege bow spec. I just hope it's not yet another melee spec.
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