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  1. How the hell do you get rid of an icon? Thanks for all the memories in GW1 & GW2. Wishing you the best Gaile!
  2. Since you do know the exact day or there about, I would submit a ticket and ask. Unfortunately, Anet is backed up so it might take a couple of weeks. I hope you find your missing mounts!
  3. The glyph of bounty (33% strike) does not work on the pearls. I assume this is because you are guaranteed to get one pearl per node unlike bloodstone, petrified wood and Jade. It does seem to work on the winterberry nodes.
  4. I tried it today and I couldn't catch anything. It did work in the past, but for some reason ATM it's not working as intended. Like @Biff.5312 says, it's a lot easier to throw water on the drunk Norn ?
  5. Yes, if you want your wings to also function as a glider you need to purchase the combo pack.
  6. Exactly! Replayability of HoT is because those meta rewards are vastly superior to it's PoF counterpart.
  7. Exactly! Now it is bearable. But I still hate HoT! I go to VB each day for flax. That's it. I spend the rest of my time in PoF or core.
  8. Unfortunately I don't think we will see the mount skins like this anytime soon. Maybe in a year after Anet has designed quite a few and made their money. But YES, it would be awesome to have a huge selection available.
  9. False. The mount skins are still sold this way. Arenanet did not change their policy at all with the original mount adoption licenses, which have skins you cannot acquire through the Istani Isles adoption licenses nor the desert racer ones. It would be nice if people would refrain from spreading misinformation like this. Reading comprehension? MO said they WILL NOT change the original set. This is the Original set. But since people still complain (even tho Anet changed all other mount skin packages), if I were Anet I would simply retired these skins and not offer them again.
  10. I'm thinking this will be like the black lion statuettes vendor. Also, just like the statuettes vender, their inventory will probably change without notice.
  11. And they didn't. This is the original ones that MO said would remain the same.
  12. There's no time listed so I'm assuming a couple of weeks? Usually, if it's shorter it will read available for X days. Best advice is to keep an eye on the gem store. Sorry, I have nothing more to offer. But that's my best guess.
  13. Read the prior posts! NO, this is the original set and Mike O'Brien said this set will not change.
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