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  1. The transparency like this hits differently Grouch. Keep up the good work, to you and the team.
  2. This is fantastic, thanks for the clarify. Much appreciated it.
  3. " Stormcaller weapons are the legions' first attempt at harnessing the elements to battle Bangar's renegades. Expect these weapons to be capable of upgrades in the near future. " So this line on each Stormcaller weapon was useless? Note that this line has been removed on each Stormcaller weapon since today patch. What was the point for T1 if you can just make T2 to begin with? Seriously, this is a big slap in the face and a waste of my time.
  4. I don't know where you're getting those numbers from but any new content is good content. Theres lots of game modes in this game and its cadence appeals different pockets of the community, just like raids. We all deserve some content and not just open world PvE. If anything I would love more transparency from the teams that are developing these game modes just like we're getting a revitalized communication from the WvW/PvP Balance team that is doing an amazing damn job with the community right now.
  5. To be frank, I would love more fractals. We've already accumulated a great library to which it gives us a great variation of "dungeon running" experiences. I think only adding to this would make it even sweeter along with weekly rotating strike missions. The only thing that needs added onto it is better rewards now or longer reward to work towards. Armor, new weapons that aren't reskins, newer backpieces or at least loot specific to fractals. "Jelly fish mace, jade maw hammer, etc"
  6. Hard yet but I agree, I would want more fotm/raids apart from open world PvE stuff
  7. It's a simple question and answer. Just so the community can put a lid on it and keep this negativity snowball to halt for all. Are raids and fractals still being worked on? I would appreciate any response.
  8. Its your responsibility to avoid them as you're fully aware of what to expect on release dates and have the tools to do. If people who just started the game were to say the same thing you're saying now is that fair? (I.E. If someone were to refer to Zhaitan's death). People having open discussions safely is what MMOs are about and whether you or the person next to you haven't finished doesn't mean they should be banned for it simply because they're excited about the new content and want to share with the community (Even though it is frowned upon to give spoilers right on release day). You have
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