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  1. I'm having fun. mostly. This is such a rushjob tho. Half the things aren't even finished? Here's hoping they've got a LOT planned for skiffs, jadebots and the turtle. Enemies: its all just mostly re-skins of old content? How many new models are in the game for this expansion? One? Two? New elites, I'm only playing mechanist, not going to bother with the rest. Might try harbinger a little. Maps really do feel empty- the complainers were right! I cannot shake the feeling that they've overtuned the metas and some other stuff just to stop people from powering thr
  2. Lets just hope the servers can take the hype. I can't believe its a full work week...
  3. Only a few days to Mechanist. This is going to be fun!
  4. Not sure how Dragon will compare to Marauder/Wurm runes synergy? I'm going to have to toy around with this. If ritualist is as fun as it looks I'll be salvaging my PD trinkets.
  5. How shall we name thee, Connor? Connor the Kitten Killer? Murderer of Meowers? Flayer of Felines? Choker of Chonks? Clubber of Cubs?
  6. Wouldn't a tuesday release make the most sense, seeing as that coincides with the gemstore updates. Anyways, they've promised a february release, and they waited until the last day of january to announce that the release would be at the latest february date possible. The expansion is obviously far from ready. On every single livestream they hide content as best they can, and what they do show still seems full of bugs. A re-scheduling for an earlier release just isn't feasible. They need every single minute of devtime to try and iron out the kinks. That is
  7. There seems to be more bugs with all mounts that have the same type of "glow" effect as the hoverbike, typically the exo-suit mounts, the cyberscale etc. The glow effect seems to bug out and turn red, regardless of what dye has been applied. I can't reliably repeat this, it sometimes fixes itself by switching maps or re-logging. But the problem keeps coming up. Example: today zoning into Grothmar Valley my hoverbike appears red regardless of what color I dye it.
  8. Not just you. Its loud. Really loud. ...so shiny tho...
  9. The naming bug seems fixed. Still blocks gathering if you dismount to gather and the mech can't be re-summoned (like on a narrow ledge). If you move around a bit, allowing for the mech to spawn, you can start gathering again. If you dismiss the mech, mount, then dismount, the mech is re-summoned. Spawning into a map without the mech summoned, if you mount, then dismount, the mech dismissal animation will play. Mounting again will summon the mech. The mech still targets random mobs, even neutral ones, near your point of dismount, easily putting
  10. I love the idea of the exo suit. But... Then they'd have to make underwater animations for it. And, well, I think you see my point.
  11. The mech, much like earth elementals, seems to be making gorilla sounds when fighting in melee. Bug or design?
  12. When accepting a prompt to switch maps due to low population, the mech is summoned even if it was not summoned before accepting the prompt.
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