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  1. I would like this because character skills effects can interfere with your wardrobe appearance. The green soulbeast aura for example.
  2. I remember, I think it's wrong to say "No one" though. It's more that whenever a thread was made about them there was large amount of push back.
  3. Gem store bikini armor and non gem store Bikini armr Make non gem store bikini armor require a lot of mats to make, making a lot of mats currently in the copper range jump in price Simulate the guild wars 2 economy. I'm just rambling.
  4. This happens often with digital content, it's a common practice. Popular authors will often make their previous books free for a limited time when they release sequels. It doesn't cost them much to give something for free to people who were likely not going to buy it anyway.
  5. I just don't want them to have the maze like navigation of HoT maps.
  6. There have been several threads in the past of people requesting that they bring back gemstore armor, and this was the price some were willing to pay.
  7. Open world housing would probably make more money, people love to show off. I know some people don't like this because open world housing has "premium lots" (if they create a separate zone for housing a premium lot would be a spot right next to the housing zone entrance or a spot in front of a lake for example )
  8. Great idea, I would like to see values appear of how much damage is being done to the break bar.
  9. Mobile gacha games will probably draw the ire of these laws way before gw2 does.
  10. There is nothing wrong. When Mystic weapons were released some were upset it cost so much to obtain them, and how limited they are. I was just saying these new Black Lion Ticket weapons look just as good, they just have a dark light theme, instead of the Mystic white/blue theme.
  11. They put out a set of weapons that's on the same level Mystic Weapons. Edit: I thought about it, and edited my post before it was taken the wrong way.
  12. Because I want greatsword on thief Elite spec - Mercenary
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