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  1. They generally have a lot of off-hours coverage, so you probably just don't see them. I would say that there are servers that are larger in a single timezone than BG, but BG has a more consistent population across a 24 hour period.
  2. Counters: Interrupt the warrior, kite away from the warrior, dodge out of the bubble, stunbreak people caught in the bubble. Channeling bubble reveals you, so if you get caught in a bubble "from stealth", you are really just not paying attention. I'm curious how the bubble nerf somehow helps zergbust now? The larger group can still just chain bubble the smaller group. If anything it's worse for the smaller groups, because bubble used to be one of the only skills that could punish a blob from pushing you too greedily.
  3. Completely backwards change. Imagine getting caught by the perfect bubble, you have the defbuff on you, and you just press Stand Your Ground and walk out anyway. Feels so wrong. If they wanted to nerf bubble while keeping its functionality, how about removing the projectile block aspect of it? You know, so there's not a gigantic 5 second AoE in the middle of the fight that blocks an unlimited amount of projectiles. That way bubble isn't quite as strong, but it still serves its intended purpose and still feels rewarding to play for the Spellbreaker. Do the same wit
  4. My point was that it's not meant to be farmed in a week or two like most collections in this game. It's a nod to long-time players and long-time goal if WvW is your main game mode. It's not "unreasonably high" if you are a WvW player.
  5. WvW legendary armor was introduced as a way to reward WvW players and let them obtain legendary gear without having to PvP or PvE. It's not meant to be something you "farm". If you love playing WvW, just enjoy your time playing and don't worry about the farm. Before you know it, you'll be able to craft it. If you don't enjoy WvW and just want to get some cheap legendary gear, then I would suggest getting it another way.
  6. I can do this 99.9% of the time by just pressing Space + V with my thumb. It's not that difficult if you practice. Why would you assume anyone who can do it is using a macro?
  7. My advice would be to just check out Eternal Battlegrounds. It's not always the best map, but more often than not, it will have more people on it. Red BL is the biggest, most spread out map. Quite a few people dislike that map and just don't play on it. These are just generalizations, experience varies depending on what server you play on, which servers you play against, what time of the day it is, etc. The mount was a really bad change for new players as now they are at an even bigger disadvantage than veterans. There is a mastery for the mount that gives any unmounted playe
  8. Tempest Weaver Chrono Scourge Scrapper Herald Renegade Spellbreaker Berserker (in some situations) Firebrand Dragonhunter Out of the 18 elite specs, 11 being more or less meta is not bad. Not counting core specs because I don't think anybody realistically expects them to be as good as elite specs in the current state of the game.
  9. Lol your perception of these guilds is way off. First of all Wavy doesn't even play the game anymore. Secondly, DED/LATE/sQ are already on the same server. If they were going to camp both EBG spawns or whatever, wouldn't it already be happening? I think you vastly overestimate how many people are in those guilds.
  10. You can always create a community guild of "pugs" if that's the case.
  11. It depends. If you onepush a group, scourge can easily be up there among the top DPS if they dropped all their wells, shades, and breach. If it's a longer fight though, then well cooldowns come into play and other classes with shorter cooldowns should be higher.
  12. It depends on the fights, because sometimes there will be a lot of downtime where nobody is doing damage, other times you can one-push a group and do like 20k dps. Just compare yourself to other people in the squad. DH should be near the top. Only getting beat by good Weavers. Also things are kind of skewed in no downstate week, since a lot of damage normally comes from cleaving downs.
  13. You guys fight many guilds at that time?
  14. Good change, but could you guys also look at the lower end of the servers too? 0 medium servers for months now and only 3 high servers. If we want population to even out, then people need cheap alternatives to move a guild to.
  15. If they want people to destack full servers and populate smaller servers, this is the worst way to go about it. Who's going to transfer when your only options are very high servers or 3 high servers?
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