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  1. Oops nvm. It appear to be 2 chairs clipping in one x3
  2. As title says. I recently got my hands on the Strixhaven set from MTG, and i wondered, would tyria have something like a magic school? Something akin to Strixhaven, school of mages? And if it does exist, would people be interested in RPing it? I am on EU btw
  3. And what about those of us that have multiple sets? Do we get a refund? Or do we get a chest which allows us to select a skin? I would be very pissed if Anet doesnt do either of those. I bought 6 sets of unlimited gathering tools. As much of a convenience it will be, (and i am all for that) i would be pissed if i just threw money at Anet for an bunch of items i can no longer use.
  4. Will Anet refund my gems for the 5 other sets of unlimited gathering tools i have? Cuz if not, im really gonna be pissed.
  5. I think its about time we get capes representing the factions of tyria. We have fancy capes, why not faction capes Like having a cape with the symbol of the seraph? Or the inquest? Heck, go nuts and make capes for every faction, friend or foe! I'd love to get a cape of the Seraph honestly. And capes of the orders. (Whispers, Vigil, Priory) What about a cape with the Joko emblem? Or a Sunspear cape? There are so many options!
  6. I can interact with the last 2 master sky crystals, but it gives no credit. While i cannot interact with most normal sky crystals and my achievo doesnt update. (More specifically, master sky crystal #2 on the water wheel, master sky crystal #10 on the rocky outcrop behind number 2 And normal sky crystal #9 on the rock on the beach behind the airship.)
  7. As title, The electromagnatic and bloodstone ascender traveltoy puts you slanted. One that allows us to be vertical (like Lazarus) would be very welcome.
  8. As much as that would be a QoL, I'd actually hate to see this implented. Mostly cuz i have like 8 sets of unbreakable tools. If only one set is suddenly needed to outfit all characters, what happens to those people who have bought several sets? Do we get a refund?
  9. That is too fancy. I want something more simple. Like the every day man would wear.
  10. I am mostly refering to 18th century european styled clothes.
  11. As title says. I really think it would be a boon to GW2's fashion if we had this.
  12. I actually ran in the opposite problem. I have guilds with Lost Precipece but none with Gilded Hollow. Its indeed a bit odd that skonns are locked behind a guild hall.
  13. This! Such cool and fun to use items should not be locked to one map. Probably makes the Kourna map a bit more populated with people scavenging for parts.
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