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  1. 7/10 I've never seen so much potential ruined by lack of direction
  2. I find it cute that they make fine tune changes to stuff thinking that the game is in a good balance and only need minor adjustments
  3. So I can't help but realize that the 02/25/2020 patch hasn't been rolled back yet
  4. killshot was somewhat usable before the
  5. i really don't understand anet's thought process in making skills so convoluted. Why not give explosive shell a standard aoe around the target instead of some bull kitten 'cone'? same goes with berserker hammer burst. A cone shaped aoe + leap = way too easy to overshoot your target and miss.
  7. the combat system has been promising and held great potential, but its ruined by kitten balance design
  8. no, reflection and projectile hate needs to be nerfed. It's totally unreasonable to have such skills block infinite projectiles.
  9. how the hell is spellbreaker unique? Boon strip? that's it? Other classes get boon corrupt, boon steal etc. Necros do a better job than spellbreakers at boon stripping. and don't get me started on their profession mechanic. literally just added a side burst full counter. That's one new profession mechanic skill, while everyone else got a whole menu
  10. S tier: Glyph of Unity suicide druids Everything Else: Trash
  11. warrior don't need much to be a support class. Two words. Stability share. Guardian has been meta for the entire lifetime of Gw2 for a source of stability on top of other boons and heals. If warrior gets decent stability sharing, it could take some of that workload away from guardians for the proper support role.
  12. Mordremoth is probably the best executed elder dragon boss fight. Followed by Kralkatorrik, then Primordus/Jormag, then Zhaitan
  13. For an elder dragon, Zhaitan's final showdown was supremely uninspiring and uninteresting. Literally defend the turrets from mobs then some random cutscene. Does Zhatan's final fight deserve a remake?
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