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  1. Holy kitten all they gave was a bug fix for vengeance are you kidding me
  2. Cmon fix warrior already Skills Mechanic issue Suggestion Full Counter: For a profession mechanic this has become a very weak attack in competitive modes. Overnerfed. Initial issues came from it's behavior, activating from ranged attacks and punishing allies near the spellbreaker if hit accidentally. Change it's behavior so it's similar to Riposte, blocking ranged attacks and only activating when struck by a melee attack by an opponent
  3. Forgot about the shield: added suggestion to give it damage again (revert the 02/25 patch please)
  4. Let's not forget CC as well. Nerfing CC damage to near zero across the board was an excessive and poor approach.
  5. If the warrior elite spec in EOD is anything less than this I will be very disappointed
  6. Could prob be implemented in to the flame animation on the skillbar, have its size correlate to time remaining
  7. 7/10 I've never seen so much potential ruined by lack of direction
  8. I find it cute that they make fine tune changes to stuff thinking that the game is in a good balance and only need minor adjustments
  9. So I can't help but realize that the 02/25/2020 patch hasn't been rolled back yet
  10. killshot was somewhat usable before the
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