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  1. Well at least we got that straight.. not that it really means much with the sheer amount of bot farms all over every map these days and the plethora of, multi box AFK farmers ruining events.. the EULA seems pointless for much of its wording these days.
  2. The tags are one thing and was always going to be the case, but being placed on alien servers to that of other members of your guild/alliance is just total garbage still and add to that now we have all manner of language issues to contend with - just a hot mess going nowhere fast and I too think WvW will see a decline rather than an uptick in new blood, its just a mess.
  3. Game is pretty much unplayable right now so might as well log off for the week and go play BG3 instead 😞
  4. Dont get me started on farming home instance.. I refuse to keep going back in and re-farming it 🙂
  5. I've picked up my TP stuff multiple times now... ANET using a carrot to tempt me to keep taking my gold then they grab it back, roll me back and make to go again.... welcome to "guinea pig" day.... errm i mean patch day. Can't wait to see what bugs they have lined up for WvW Restructuring Beta on Friday
  6. Not just meta's .. the game is crashing everywhere now.. cant load any characters anywhere - game just hangs and crashes to desktop
  7. and so it begins with an unplayable event ... every attempt to run ATM it crashes as soon as any weapon skill is used.. testing at its finest !
  8. If you take a glob and put into inventory then right click it.. then choose "add to collection". Updates for all the collections for me. Same also for Crystaline dust and icy runestones, bloodstone shards and philosophers stones. The ones I cant get to work are the gifts of magic and energy
  9. Now May 2023 and this bug is still there... only been like 6 years, suppose we shouldn't expect miracles though!! Bad, just terrabad!!
  10. While that is certainly true for me as well.. Guild Wars has been a part of my gaming life for almost 20years now i guess, so to see it gone would be mean having to fill a big hole. That said though if there were no other plans to push forward as a studio then where would that leave GW2 anyways.. I think we can all agree that putting a thumb to the air and hoping for a kind wind to keep blowing for an ageing product to keep riding is going to fail at some point so like the studio, we kinda have to hope that these new ideas do yield a stream of revenue to keep them and us suitably occupied for the foreseeable future. As for a GW2 - - > GW3 expansion . I am pretty sure many of us thought there was nothing in the pipe then until we were all pleasantly suprised. I guess we just have to trust in fate 🙂
  11. Was I dreaming it or was there a media drop just a few days back about a new PC/Mob game coming out from the studio using the Unreal Engine.. if so wouldn't that explain the need to recruit going forward.. plus I would be much more liken to the idea of them recruiting more than less and not need to have to shuffle large amounts of resources around internally unlike previously. GW2 is an ageing product, still very much alive and fun imo, but its ageing all the same and the business needs new revenue streams to move forward - so I like to think this is a positive sign they have other interests that need to be pursued - whether they become successful or even see the light of day is another thing entirely of course, but ya have to be in it to win it as they say.
  12. Is this topic still being talked about.. it's not like it's a new thing. Players have being requesting ANET do something about this for an age now, but ANET seem to enjoy seeing most maps blighted with large groups of AFK/BOT farmers... so all we can do is report as many as you can target then hope one day ANET do decide enough is enough and give the poor fur flies and mosquitoes a break from the endless cycle of death.
  13. Maybe this was one of those "fixes" to rid the game of those masses of farming bots on maps.. fingers crossed 🙂
  14. Not using a third party program to launch, but Chromium defo has a certificate issue to be fixed. However the inability to use CAPS LOCK etc when typing into the password box is surely not an incompatibility issue but rather a Chromium implemented issue that defo needs fixing
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