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  1. With these changes you are taking away the cooldown reduction for Torch and Scepter for mesmers in PvP, essentially making sub-par weapons even worse. Cd reductions obviously should be game-wide instead of PVE only. I assume this is only an oversight.
  2. Good point, it's horrible to make any progress with the reward tracks now. Pvp reward track anyway was pretty bad but now I just stopped caring about it, it's so slow progress anyway.
  3. Complaining about bunker chrono that doesn't even exist any more - while the dumbest of all Virtuoso builds are running rampant (signet build, shield offhand etc). Ok
  4. Nowhere near close to Signet Cata, classic one trick pony build with 0 sustain. However, wh4 and pig pull might worth taking a look at. That's all.
  5. Ok let's take a look at mesmer: Mirage - getting a dodge back (good choice) while nerfing it massively at the same time. Probably useless afterwards Virtuoso - removing some of the mega gimmicks, which were basically the only things that made Virt semi viable in PvP. Useless chrono bunker - heavily nerfed once again, was barely played in the meta thanks to condi reapers etc. but still had to stomp it more. Questionable Az the same time, condi reaper is literally untouched apart from a trait and a skill. Ok
  6. Agree, it's horrible. First two games are almost guaranteed to be vs bots.
  7. And now in off times you see certain people with top pvp titles queue in duo on random professions only to switch to cata right away. Love it, abusing the system to the max - duoq, just running cata and switching to avoid multiple catas in the other team.
  8. Weird thing balance before the SB and Cata meta was pretty good. And then unexplainable balance choices made it the worst of all time.
  9. And today every tryhard is switching to Cata, failing miserably. Hope they nerf it asap so it's not that tempting any more lol
  10. Nerf mirage mirage is too stronk mirage has clones and stun while dodged while scrapper doesnt nerf mirage
  11. Also for a very long time the blind trait was stronger withthe combination of Ineptitude. But that combo has been nerfed like 10 times.
  12. It was obvious from day 1 when they posted the notes that scrapper is going to be busted
  13. I just realized Dagger Storm is getting a free pass. Lmao
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