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  1. Everyone: complains about blobgateEremite: let's lock blobgate into T4 to incentivise climbing outEveryone: can't climb out coz it's 10 man vs blobgate mapqueueEveryone: surprised pikachu Out of all the threads you make, this is legit the best one so far.
  2. It's useful in pvp/wvw only from my experience... same with warrior. Imagine if they they just split how those skills function entirely between pve + pvp....
  3. I don't know if it will be tomorrow but I'm sure many of us agree that it will be...
  4. This is common stuff if you've been around for years, at least for WvW. Fake promises, over-hyping, rarely pulling through with what they said they were working on, no road maps, nada.
  5. Let's face it, if we can't even get a dismount skill 6+ months after mount has been in WvW then I highly doubt whatever devs are left care enough about adjusting it any further.
  6. I already have meta asc sets for the mode I play most which is WvW. Seldom does the meta change, fb minstrel, necs power or cele etc... this late into the game surely I'm not the only one that carries around 2 sets per char like one for supp one for dmg? I won't be crafting leggy stuff ever because perm upgrade extractor exists + relatively cheap to stat swap in MF. Unless the devs make it asc 2.0 then go power creep into leggy rarity I guess I would try keep up with the pack... not worth the cost as it stands. Build temps coming they said?
  7. EDIT: nvm, OP posted info. In that case just gather your guild in a place your team owns e.g; tower away from enemies. But it's always been like this even with banners + regular food trays.
  8. "Terry get off the nodes stay on tag ffs n00b stop squirrelling." /s
  9. "would actually bring some ppl into wvw" You might mean well but... I think WvW players would appreciate new blood who are keen to actually involve/be interested in wvw at face value so they can recruit these likeminded folk instead of those only in it for pve ktrain-fest then leave the moment the event is over. imho instead of more shinies/rewards they should focus on improving gameplay/balance first...
  10. Don't let fear overrun you, as long as you are well equipped it won't be overwhelming. First thing is gear yourself for zerging on a class that the com will value & appreciate your efforts; guard, necro, rev, engi elite specs are all worthwhile since you don't have PoF. You need to decide if you wanna play support or dps you can check out websites like metabattle or vabbi builds for appropriate guidance. As for gear dont worry about asc you can grab cheap exo off TP, from experience and only as example if I were to play poor man's support guard/DH I'd just take half cleric half shaman gear
  11. No one:OP: Let's reinforce pirate ship meta one step further even though we've been in this meta for years - by changing how reflects work (max 10 stacks). By doing so, friendly neighbourhood pew pews & fellow bearbow comrades can unite against the zerg if they are not already picking daisies, off tag or dying randomly to retaliation after landing barrage on an NPC instead of clearing siege.
  12. Looks like you're playing the game mode as intended. Red is dead, go cap stuff kill some players along the way... you know, WvW stuff. Anyone who says otherwise is a fragile snowflake that probably wandered too far from PvE into the WvW portals by mistake.
  13. But what if they don't have the numbers to combat whatever is rolling them on the field therefore they need to wait until more people join tag? It'd be silly to run off like lemmings and feed the enemy without adequate numbers. I find it funny they gave Firebrands "stand your ground"10 target increased from 5 targets instead of giving it to some other profession skill e.g; mesmer mantra of concentration.
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