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  1. It is unfortunately too late for GW2 PVP to get rezzed and I don't believe the expac will change anything. Maybe it will bring a bunch of busted new classes to force people to purchase it but I don't believe Anet will suddenly bring proper balance to this game mode with even more classes. The best we can hope is that they will destroy all previous classes and focus on balancing the new ones only. Anyway, a good indicator of the PVP population rn was the start of this new season. It took 3 days to fill the 250 seats of the leaderboard in EU with the lowest rating being in the bronze
  2. 100% true. Unless you play bunker yourself, you won't bring much to your team if you do not prioritize your DPS. This is a consequence of the 2020 February patch.
  3. Weaver has a very high skill ceiling. I would dare saying the highest of all other specs. You can really push the spec to perform very well by pushing its mechanics and synergies more and more. Even after months and even years of practice you will still discover ways to unlock additional potential and pushing your game a little bit further, reacting faster, anticipating the most effective skill rotation to a situation, etc. S/F Fire weaver is a good entry build but it sill requires a lot of dedication and experience to push it to a good level. After if you don't mind suffering to have immens
  4. As I read it, you are just saying that DuoQ improves your chance of a favorable outcome. And regarding players having their rating inflated because they duoQ (from the perspective it offers an advantage) they will not end up in harder matches... unless they soloQ. And by the way, the OP had a genuine question that was not about blaming the system. To answer the OP, from my experience the MMS is still designed around individual rank and team comp as to not pile up the same class more than twice. The only influence that DuoQ as over the MMS is that the MMS will consider the 2 individuals as
  5. From a match perspective yes it does as you remove the RNG factor of one of your teammate without talking of all the other benefits that come with it because the MMS is calibrated for soloQ.
  6. He is talking about the running speed of the necro. It seems he is under perma superspeed without having the boon.
  7. I am also in favor of the downstate for the same reason as the OP but making rez mechanics and rez tools as strong as it is today is really an issue that makes "losing is winning" a strategy that is too strong currently. Today, the game wants you to lose if you manage to win an outnumbered fight that is as simple as that. For those who say that it should not be allowed to outplay opponents when you are outnumbered, well outplaying opponents should be within reach if you are good enough and if the game hands over crutch to players to make sure they can't be outplayed... hey, isn't what w
  8. Don't worry, people are going to take a break in 2 or 3 months to try some refreshing PVP experience when these new MMO's will be released this summer in the West. Then sadly, the only discussion we will be left with in this forum is how Anet missed on capitalizing on the massive PVP potential their game had for years with 0 competition.
  9. Lol, yes let's implement some permanent dumb game mode such as 2v2 or 3v3 and a dedicated leaderboard of course. Now that Anet boosted cheese PVP builds to become predominant, it will be the perfect conclusion to GW2 sPVP. We could be proud to have supported the first game that fought discrimination against bots. I'll see myself out.
  10. I can share my story why I decided to stay away from ranked during off-peak hours this season. I am sure the same happened to a lot of us. First of all, I am not a particularly good player (plat 1). Few weeks ago, I was playing ranked in the afternoon before prime time when I faced a Top 10 duo in 2 consecutive matches. I was gold 3 at that time. The first game, I was against them and while I was expecting to have strong teammates and their team to have mostly golds or silvers, it wasn't the case and I could not recognize any name apart this duo. I was playing a side noder role and I
  11. Good luck trying to climb and stay in the top 250 playing SoloQ. The MMS can simply not manage balanced teams with the low population and Duo and Solo players queuing together. It is even worth than that. When you will start climbing plat+, the MMS will put you against top DuoQ players used to play together for their rank. You are in fact being utilized by the MMS just to balance the average rank between the 2 teams and entertain DuoQ with games won / lost from start. This is how you get farmed as SoloQ if you dare not playing at peak times. When we had a higher pop, the odds were mo
  12. I don't know. I am playing a dualist role most of the time and in fact I prefer not having nec in my team. Being able to rotate fast and snowball is key. Nec are easy to kite and you can outrotate them quite easily.
  13. Having to remove amulets with +1000 healing because they suddenly became unhealthy (xD) when amulets with +1000 power, precision, condition damage, vitality are fine, well it says that there is something broken somewhere. The poor execution of February patch broke some fundamental balance that will only keep deteriorating moving from one unhealthy meta to the other where the only option is to keep removing what works too well because the only other alternative would be to go reverse and fix such a number of things (and growing), it is almost impossible to do. Let's give it a few weeks until an
  14. Mostly because it is a build that requires no effort and you look like you are just watering your plants on a Sunday afternoon. Also it is easy to deal with and a pity to win with one in your team.
  15. Yes just to see how Ranked will feel without it and to see the change to the leaderboard and winrates.
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