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  1. i guess you also left a wall of text in wow forums when u left it!
  2. wow big hit on mesmer boon sharing... this is the second time i feel this sad... why can’t anet bring other classes up and not keep pushing chrono and mirage down
  3. i started guardian also due to the beautiful skill around Possesion of Blades and test of faith..
  4. i have 13 chars and only fully played a chrono, weaver, banner warrior and some Dh / firebrand... while having all professions i have to say gw2 is unlike any other mmorpg i have played in my 20 years of gaming ... every profession and specialization gives you an different feel and it’s just awesome.. my fav is a chrono.. you don’t care about dying and just play at your own pace.. you get to empower your team and it’s just inspiring ! next are elementalist and guardian.. the elementalist is really fun when you have 4 elements to play with.. and guardians are so versatile in their DH and FB configuration that you can adapt rapidly to the game.. I am very curious with mirage and Druid so they are my upcoming builds I don’t feel that well versed with necro, revenant, warrior and engineer as the play style is quite different from my typical style thief must be the worst. it is just squishy without damage. A lot of mechanics and effort to be proficient.. just horrible!
  5. There are plenty of full armor gear for female. And it’s the right for players to choose to wear less or more - not a reason to suggest stop making a whole category of fashion. Go see this thread and get some ideas:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/760328#Comment_760328
  6. Thanks i will check it out when i’m home later this week
  7. i always wanted to try it but never had the chance or see the option to do it.. would you share? i have the xbox 360 controller with pc adaptor as well as steam controller it would be awesome to use controller for action rpg like this
  8. dude.. i play it like a daily and i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of it i love the rewards too, and helps when i’m after commander gear and leadership runes my clan Eva does it in 35 mins so if you’re on Na server and the west coast, do join us!I recently started to learn on commanding a squad.. possibly a substitute commander
  9. All the meta builds require elite specialization. It's been that way since HoT. i think you need to review meta battle
  10. Would need shared inventory slots and silver salvage kit on discount again please!
  11. yes.. pls skip the dialogs.. espexially server crash and story restarts
  12. almost every class gives a new experience of the game play .... guardian is different from warrior... ranger from necro... well done Anet
  13. i just have like top 10 keys i use apart from direction. : action key, dodge, 8 skills
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