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  1. In terms of getting my thoughts out there, I feel very similarly. I'm very concerned about End of Dragon's ability to deliver sustained, high quality content with a high degree of replayability (not unlike Path of Fire). Lately, I've been questioning whether I even really want to know how EoD ends after how abrupt and messily they ended the IBS. I think ArenaNet has a core duality of problems. The first is that they over-invest into quality content. It sounds weird, but what I mean by that is that major releases result in huge swings in player excitement vs. player apathy. This s
  2. Matthew Medina talked about the abrupt ending to the IBS in a Guild Chat a while back. What he said, if I'm not misremembering, is that ArenaNet were "gifted" with the "opportunity" to do an expansion. It was about as passive-aggressive as I've ever seen him be. Frankly, if there were a planned transition from LS5 it wasn't to EoD. It was to LS6. End of Dragons threw a monkey wrench into the entire pacing, which is to say that there was no transition. I'm getting pretty tired of watching you two bicker, but wanted to toss my opinion into the fray. The truth is that for players that w
  3. The game does have its flaws, but you can't expect a singular game to change to suit your individual needs. It's important to learn not to fall victim to the ever-present, "beast of possibility," -- we have an innate predisposition or need to want things to be a certain way -- they could have been, would have been, should have been... -- It's a mental trap that sorta of eats away at your free-time / to play; it's important to accept things as they are for what they are rather than accept things as they are, for what they "should" be... if that makes sense.
  4. You're just burned out on the core game + reward structure loop. I am too. Something interesting I learned recently is that the brain circuits for dopamine / enjoyment and habit such as continued play are completely separate. Most people hit a threshold where they realize something isn't fun anymore, and that's really all there is to it. You're not going to recoup on fun because you're not playing End of Dragons for fun. You're playing it out of habit. The thing is, you're not going to find that "new" thing you're looking for inside of GW2. You can't expect one game to satisfy all
  5. I think the main problem facing raids in GW2 is that there's very little incentive for experienced players to overlap with inexperienced, learning or players running progression raids. People stick to their statics and cliques to a fault. EU definitely has a way better pugging culture than NA, but both have an epidemic of raid-sellers. It's not a good look. It took me 40m the other day for someone to whisper me to tell me to check out XYZ guilds or discords (I was curious) so I logged in on an alt with an old 80 character and hit up the NA LFG. I'm not optimistic that Strike Missions
  6. Ai is designed to be a condition damage boss in a game-mode that's primarily designed to cater to power compositions via sheer accessibility. With power DPS compositions you have terrible DPS uptime against the boss. In T3 and lower getting break-bars down is mega-challenging. They will not be consistently broken; CC will be wasted on the sides, the T4 experience & CM experience (even solo CM experience) is fundamentally incompatible with inexperienced players. Trying to compare the T4/CM experience of Sunqua Peak with inexperienced T1/T2 players is akin to comparing a water rocket
  7. If you'd like some casual help from someone experienced, I'd be down to help on weekends. I don't play much anymore, but I have intimate knowledge of pretty much every problem-area. I can fill most missing roles; DPS, Healer, Support etc. I'm very relaxed most of the time and down to give suggestions, walkthroughs, build-advice -- whatever. I'll generally just try to let people run T1/T2 organically unless people ask for help or comment as little information as needed to get people through (I don't like overwhelming players).
  8. Fully agree with Shadowmoon. Without any context this is a worthless thread. There are a lot of average T4 players that are not team players; they kinda wander around and do their own thing running homebrew builds that do very little damage or offer little group utility. I've seen a lot of signet builds over the past several years where I've just noped the heck out of the group realizing that they're going to tolerate things like Death Carapace or Adrenal Health - things that don't qualify as "DPS," except in the lowest standard possible.
  9. I'd be really disappointed if it got removed. It rewards players for paying attention and mastering terrain/movement sensibilities. All of the patterns that are required to do the T3/T4 wisps can be learned on T1/T2 if you reset the nodes often enough. Players can also take innate swiftness/stun-breaks and incorporate them into their builds because there's a mistlock singularity before Mossman. I actually really enjoyed learning all these little niche tips/trick to get more comfortably through content.
  10. I apologize? I don't post on the official forums much. Generally, I consider these forums over-zealously moderated, but I can understand why such a rule exists. I'll keep that in mind for future reference. I try not to make a habit of posting too much, but I enjoy helping players improve their understanding of the game when possible.
  11. You know, I logged into my alt-account for the first time in a few months yesterday. I had hate mail from this thread in it. I had nothing better to do so I whispered the player, talked with him and learned a few things. He was a WvW player that wanted to run a "One Size Fits All" build. Tougher PvE content isn't suitable excessive defensive traits. His traits were a mess. He was running 3 stun-breaks and excessive condition-cleansing with Fire/Air/Weaver - Mist Form, Armor of Earth & the Burn Cleanse Cantrip (fighting Fire Djinn). He was running the grandmaster "Blind Foes whom you
  12. Marauder's if you can get it. Intelligent, well-timed skill-use and well though-out rune/sigils can make a big difference. For example; Stamina/Frenzy sigils can be useful.
  13. The thing is, people with a casual, role-playing mindset in PvE in GW2 tend to struggle the most. They want to play GW2 plug-in/play and that's fine to an extent, but it's not really a way to play the game that's conducive to having a smooth gameplay experience because, while it may be your character, you're not growing significantly in strength via gear in GW2. You've gotta learn how to cohesively build synergy within your passive (armor/weapons, runes/sigils + traits) and active-gameplay (skill usage, activate combat, dodging, direct damage mitigation, stun-breaks and expected gameplay r
  14. I don't want GW2 to turn into a plug/play walking simulator that's designed for people that, deliberately, don't look both ways before crossing the street. I'm fine with the game having some more casual, exploration focused areas within maps, but this game's community often makes me feel like it wants to be rewarded for failing. In 90% of my interactions and experiences with newer, more causal focused players their builds are an unfinished, incomplete mess with an assorted, hobbled together combination of armor-stats, random runes (lacking T4/T6 bonuses) and whatever innate sigil is on thei
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