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  1. I haven't read any announcements so I'm assuming they'd be showcasing a new PvE map at the same time.
  2. Team balance/team shuffle and maybe voice chats. It'd be fun to hear people spamming "need a medic!" whenever a pug zerg gets rolled over.
  3. A dev nearly dying showing off new ele spec seems like it's too easy to get. Might be fair if there's a qualifier that shortly afterward they effortlessly kill things while showing off new spec of their favorite profession.
  4. It's funny to see them go from "there's so much visual clutter you can't tell what's happening" to "there's barely anything visible so you can't tell what's happening".
  5. They've got to think of a new shatterstone buff first so things look fair.
  6. They got the numbers wrong but malice isn't even a factor. No point for a deadeye to use the super-telegraphed Death's Judgement when a matchup with fire weaver and many other melee builds could be won with just Two/Three Round Bursts and auto-attacks.
  7. You underestimate the willpower of pve players doing something they hate if it means getting their legendaries faster.
  8. Oh boy, another week of pubstomping and snowballing. Also scrappers feeling slightly disadvantaged, then shrug and go back to facetanking everything.
  9. Must be hacks. Usually you'd expect to be rooted for over a second and consume full adrenaline for this amount of damage.
  10. Whose the most organized with regularly active members is all you can really measure.
  11. It's an event that lets stacked servers snowball harder in exchange for giving tryhards the potential to pubstomp larger groups.
  12. Yes, and I remember my server (Darkhaven) being stuck in that matchup for several months. Probably one of the reasons why DH dropped from host server status for several years.
  13. Yes, and that's part of why I said it prevents fights. Because some people become discouraged by slight inconvenience, then others become discouraged by flaky teammates.
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