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  1. If I'm out of combat, as a celestial renegade, I can provide permanent alacrity to myself and those around me, but when in the training area engaging the golem, my alacrity drops off me with almost 6 seconds remaining on my orders from above skill with the exact same build. Additionally, if I engage the golem with a buddy, as an alac mirage, I can provide full alacrity to my buddy., but not to myself. Please look into and fix this issue as soon as you can as we can't really theorycraft or test new gear in this 5 man meta you've put on us.
  2. I find this to be pretty excessive. The benefit you gain is the idea of it being accessible on all character for a single bag, vs spending 100+ gold for one ascended bag that can only be used on one character at a time is enough QoL improvement imo. 32 or 40 aside. I'd easily spend upwards of 400g (Comparable to a leg sigil/rune) for a permanent bag that is available on every character I have now and in the future. I even wouldn't be opposed if they had a list of craftable legendary bags for each type over the "stat selectable" bag if that made it easier to implement. Craft 9 regulars and 1
  3. Commenting on this old thread in the hopes of revitalizing it. I just looked on efficiency, and according to that, only 3.268% of players actually have this achievement complete. That's abysmal after 9 years of this meta existing. I'd love to get this one knocked off my list, but as stated by many above, no one is trying to get the achievement even when you have an "organized" map. Hopefully Anet will consider making some sort of modification... It's kinda annoying that they nerfed the CC special action key from IBS that made this pretty easy even in unorganized groups for a short time.
  4. Wow, I wasn't expecting to get such a large response for my initial post. I'm happy a lot of people added some good suggestions of what could make a legendary bag legendary. From that I think the best ones for me were the bag available across all characters one and the choose what type of bag. The reason I wanted 40 slots was actually due to the fact that max bag slots right now equals 320 and that's just a weird number to me. 400 would be better imo, not so much for legendary vs ascended. It could be 32 slots and still have the features that others suggested honestly. As for the argument t
  5. There appear to be two separate threads for this so I'm going to comment on both. I too did not get the red shards and know many people who got all of them just fine. I suspect it's something to do with the order in which you complete the sub achievements for the return meta achievement, but that's just my speculation. I just hope Anet will do something about this to fix it for those that didn't get theirs because it's a massive time investment to correct ourselves towards getting equal rewards to others.
  6. It'd be nice if this got a little bit of notice since it's clearly on the dev side and not any of our faults... I really hope they reimburse this as I'm not looking forward to having to farm 100 more shards of a given color as that is just depressing. At best, that's 20 days of the daily strike missions, and only on a specific week where it's the color you need. That means this is at minimum a 7 week (if the current week is the color you need, AND you do every single strike mission for each day of 3 weeks at 5 shards per daily) correction on the players part. Some transparency from Anet would
  7. Two things are going to happen with Strike CMs. 1. MOST people won't improve because they don't actually want to improve. They just want the rewards for pressing 1 and strike CMs will really be no exception. 2. Those that already are experienced raiders will find a way to hard carry the content themselves. (Aka. Heal Scourge for Boneskinner.) Ultimately to me, this is the wrong direction. They shouldn't be putting resources into Strike CMs and instead just make a new raid wing. Strike CMs are just raids with extra steps and even if they are a fun encounter, will be void any story or fee
  8. That's not simple though, that actually just punishes the 9 other people even more honestly. Time wasted is a bigger issue of frustration than this.
  9. I kinda want to put this out for discussion, but for many raiders, we often do what we call "pre-clears" before our static runs. In this case, we do things like, W7 Gate, W1 Spirit Run W3 Escort, etc. This leads to one person getting the content cleared ahead of time in a separate pug group of some sort. Today, I put up an add for Gate, and we had someone join the group and AFK at the entrance while we were clearing. Normally, this would lead to a kick from group, but since we had started the content and were in combat, you cannot kick a person from your squad. I understand that this was a
  10. I looked to see if anyone had posted this already, but it seems not. As the title states, the achievement for Sunk Cost within Daybreak in the Story Journal does not advance regardless of how much damage you may do to a named ship. Over a week ago I got credit for one of the three, but after about 10 differen Palawadan metas, I haven't had any further progress. They fixed the Istani Bounty hunter one, so that's cool, but this is literally the only achievement i have left on the map now. Please look into it, thanks!
  11. Chances are it'll be like the llama's in Dry Top. We'll have to wait several weeks for the devs to finally get around to fixing the issue. What's sad to me, is that I hear this issue has been around for many months and talked about multiple times on the forums in the past. Meaning, that even though they are using the old content to keep us busy until February, they aren't really reading these forums at all. This is an issue they should have known about and fixed prior to this rerun of LWS4E1, plain and simple.
  12. Nope, the old achievement is just straight up broken. Along with Sunk Cost achievement for destroying each named ship.
  13. Yet another achievement in the Daybreak story journal that isn't progressing regardless of how much you participate. See also, Istan Bounty Hunter. It'd be really appreciated if this could be corrected this week as the maps actually have people on them to participate in group related content and some of us would prefer to knock these achievements out before it is once again abandoned. Thanks.
  14. As the title states, I can't seem to do much of anything today in game. I know others are having the same issue with the TP, but is anyone having mail problems too??? It states. "Processing previous mail."
  15. Can buy but can't sell. Making my playing experince abysmal today as I have need of liquidating some items into gold for my tasks planned for today.
  16. Anyone know if the beta characters will have access to our legendary armories or not?
  17. With the release of the legendary armory, myself and many other players are now in a salvaging frenzy of ascended items for the sake of bank and character inventory space. As such we are getting a ton of vision crystals. I really hope that Anet notices this and gives us some new ways of using the material as many of us won't be bothering anymore with making ascended items. I don't haven any examples or ideas at this point, but maybe some of you do? Either way, as a weekly raider and PVE end game player, I am absolutely flooded with these items that have a crazy limited number of uses.
  18. Thanks for the update, but you still haven't addressed the topic of skins. For example the whole benefit of having legendary gear is stat swapping at no cost, but the true end game of guild wars is fashion. So are you going to address the issue that currently exists with build templates that if I wanted to say look differently with my legendary berserker equipment template vs my legendary minstrel one? This is a pretty big fear for a lot of us that our thief, ranger and engineer will all look the exact same if they pull the same set of legendary armor from the armory.
  19. It's actually not based on a false logic. First of all your understanding of supply and demand from your statement seems skewed. Just because the supply remains constant, doesn't mean people are consuming the product. If no one is using the good, and no one is doing the content that creates the good, the supply will also remain constant. Your assumption that people are constantly doing DRMs is based on nothing noteworthy itself. Look below to your comment on percentages for further explanation. Source of data for my point is gw2efficiency. If you look at the number of achievements completed
  20. Talking as a player about the dev stand point, for me at least, I think this champions episode is a fantastic example on how not to build an episode. The developers did not account for just how little people would play this content, specifically DRMs, and as a result the supply of prismatium ingots is abysmal. Sadly though, they develop these chapters many months in advance and did nothing to adjust it until well after they saw it was failing as designed. It's nice that they listen, sure, but there is a percentage of the player base, that I myself am a part of, that will have a sour taste in t
  21. I respect the general point of your statement, but at the time of writing I do not feel as thought I was panicking in any way. Really just trying to be dramatic for fun and for the sake of others. Naturally, if you level up your mastery, this is all a moot point thread as of now. P.S. I didn't revitalize this post; I'd have been happy if it just died and didn't resurface in the garbage pile that is the internet. At this point, I have other grievances with the devs about how poorly they handled the never ending pile of weapon collections from the IBS that cost more than some people's entire acc
  22. So does the new update mean that those of us who have already dumped thousands of gold down the proverbial economy sink are just going to be SOL?
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