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  1. Kinda amazing how players skill level immediately dropped af when feb2020 nerf patch also happened, must be coincidence. FYI, Death Magic that is used by said build after reworks wasn't touched in feb2020.
  2. You know that both of these statements can be true at the same time though? I'm not gonna praise to the heavens poor work/concept/design/execution just because "this game style doesn't suit me".
  3. I consider these nerfs as "weak" because they never adress the root problem which is the flawed design of said e-speces. Both Chronomancer and Mirage aren't quite a "variations" like Virtuoso is to Mesmer, but a straight upgrades in extreme directions, one going for Repeater and other going for Offense and Defense in one package. They're not Unique and doesn't really change much how you play, they just add more button presses on top of existing ones instead of changing them to be simply different. You may argue with that they're different playstyle, but ask yourself this: does your F1-F
  4. I believe A-net need to either make Hammer full melee or full range since the kit contradicts itself at this point. Hammer skills like 2 from Air in melee could become cast and forget type that will send ahead tornado that damages oppontents for 600-900 units instead of meme spin2death, etc. Additionally change F5 into Elementless Forge (15s cd, can be left before you run out of all energy, like yolosmith) in which all 1-5 skills are replaced with pure non-elemental Magic. Now each normal Element has it's own vertical "energy capacitors" above attuments which can only be filled-up by casti
  5. Every single Mesmers e-spec was broken from very design level, that was pure powercreep. Mirage and Chronomancer NEEDED the whole kitten rework from scratch, but a-net decided go easy way and just do some weak nerfs which more often than not just forced players to switch from one broken to another, while the whole class was still beyond broken powercreep wise. Virtuoso beside clunkiness is the only one that actually somehow fit into "change your playstyle" based on change in mechanics, while Mirage and Chronomancer were straight powerups. Some people are angry because of how undertuned EoD
  6. Played it for like 30min in WvW and overall it's far too slow to do anything valuable. Hammer skills are far too clunky to use in actual combat, on top of that the 600 range is quite questionable to say the least since it's impossible to either chase or pin down someone with these skills and ofc wet noodle damage on full Marauder, because why not. Augment skills beside too long cast time (1/2s on stun break that doesn't even give stability to not get instantly cced to death again) are simply weak, heal skill can't even compare to e.g. Troll Unguent (which can furher be boosted via traits).
  7. TBH I don't see it being very "usable" in WvW unless someones find some broken build for it in roaming with Hammer, but it'll need to be super toxic to compete with others. I can to some DEGREE see it being used for staff Eles, but it's just "Reckoning Fire" skill and "Jade Sphere" in Fire attument to get that unblockable effect on Meteors to kitten on Aegis spammers, which will need infinite IQ to use with predicting enemy movements and that's about it tbh. Maybe even add "Shattering Ice" with it...
  8. You really just argue just to argue. A-net can decide on anything they want, doesn't change a fact that playerbase ultimately will have last word in it. The classes in core days operated on different rules and were based on different concepts and had clear vision with strong/weak points than what was released in HoT, in other words they've thrown the core concept and on top of that they didn't keep their word about e-speces being new playstyles and not straight upgrades to core.
  9. Funny, because of HoT and PoF powercreep quite a bit of players left the game. I wonder why WvW was forced into having links, oh right people left the game, because A-net does everything beside what they were asked to do. I wonder why PvP is struggling with number of players, oh right people left the game, because A-net does everything beside what they were asked to do. Game is dying for quite a bit of time, new shinies may bring some fresh blood, but for how long? Just because you think you're right, doesn't mean that you're right.
  10. We have 27 "classes" available with 9 more coming with next e-spec. Since A-net is so kitten lazy with nerfing all broken stuff in this game, they could just lock away specific e-speces in PvP and change them every season... This way meta wouldn't be stale and would require constant changes and adaptation, meanwhile A-net could collect data on classes and do better balance.
  11. We, players, are in charge if this game will exist or not, that's a fact. We also through our feedback decide which content is appealing and which isn't thus making directions for future creations. No game will exist without playerbase and if A-net will keep going with their "hey it looks fancy with it" over and over again against will of players then it'll shut down swiftly. Me and many others didn't wish for another boring melee e-espec as we're the squishest in the game and that's a fact as well. It doesn't mean everyone, but it doesn't also mean "just me".
  12. We are in charge though, based on our feedback and our likes or dislikes we dictate how the game is designed. If somehow A-net had released something that was disliked by the most of community, do you think they'll do it again or even try something similar? If yes then the game is doomed, good luck with that.
  13. I imply that is clunky af to use, on top of that cheap copy of dual skills mechanic from teef and forcing Eles into 130 range for memes with lowest hp and armor is kneeshot to say the least. Sword on Ele could become something great, but it become some dancer just to stay afloat barely alive.
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