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Locking Equipment and Build Templates together

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I'm finally getting around to using templates. Just built templates for dragon hunter and firebrand.

But don't I need to lock an Equip Template together with a Build? Each build uses a different main hand of course.

Using 2 hot keys to switch is a pain, right?

I just watched the 5 min video by AN describing these features and I didn't see a way to lock them together.

Am I missing something? This has been discussed before I'm sure, but I didn't see references when I goggled for it.

Thanks a ton,


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You're not missing anything.  It's an intuitive way to use the system from a player perspective that didn't get implemented.  


Personally, I prefer that builds should encompass gear as well, as players consider builds to be skills, traits, and gear.  This is because different skill and trait combinations require different kinds of stats and weapon combinations.


However, many also pointed out that they use gear sets independently of skill/trait setups.  As in, they like the ability to quickly swap just their gear for whatever they're about to do.  In this regard, keeping them separate makes sense.


I'm still of the opinion that there should be a way to change skills, traits, and gear with just one button press.

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Not quite the same as Dawdler, but I bind gear templates to Shift+1/2/3 and build templates to Control+1/2/3.

As long as I make sure the build template number matches the gear template number, things work fine. I do agree however that it would be nice to just have to hit one command to change both gear and build template.

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