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Looking for Aussie guild and Server

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Think the Aussie/OCX server is SoS.

But ANet is saying they're going to start Beta testing the Alliance system (World Restructure) soon, so no idea if moving server will be redundant and when (if at all... they have a reputation for being notoriously slow with alliance).

Also, players stacking the same timezones is one of the biggest problems with the mode, since stacking all OCX players on the same server means you get no-one to play against.

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14 minutes ago, joneirikb.7506 said:

so no idea if moving server will be redundant and when

Unless you move for the express purpose of contacting/showing off to a potential alliance group on another server so you can more easily join them or you have so much gold/gems available you dont know what to do with it, then moving servers remain pretty pointless. 

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10 hours ago, SumAussieCobber.2465 said:

Hello all i am a old player returning for some fun just wondering what server is most populated for aussies? Thanks in advance!!!

[BoB] Brotherhood of Bogans
[KA] Knight Australia


Not sure what server they are on.
24th September is Alliance Beta, join the beta for some fun and see who you meet - anyone or any guild that plays when you play. Ask in chat anyone recruiting OCX players.

Also, if you are returning player, might want to check your mount. if you haven't get a mount in WvW, now is the time to get them or you be left behind, you wont have fun if you are left behind. also activate your gliding. 



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I migrated over to SoS (Sea of Sorrows) as it's known as "the Aussie/OCX server" for WvW, although I did that before Alliances were announced as definitely happening.

Personally, I ultimately transferred because SoS is the server my primary guild (MoV - Mists of Valhalla) is based on and I wanted to be able to play WvW with them. They're primarily Aussie/OCX based, but they only do 2 organized WvW runs per week (PvX guild rather than WvW). Bit of a bummer since all I do is WvW but the guild has nice people and I don't know of any purely WvW Aussie guilds.

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