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Is there anyway to make elemental summoning viable?


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It's not bad ... if you waste 2 minutes to summon them all before  a fight, and if you don't mount.

Plus necro minions have some micro-management to place them with command skill, elementals don't.

Plus CC from elementals don't work with the lightning rod trait.

Plus they die really fast.


Well, it's bad actually.


If you want a lot of lesser elementals you obviously need  the glyph trait to reduce CD; then you can use Sigil o Frenzy to recharge skills.

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You can try a tempest build to buff them with mights, auras and heal them.

Something like that http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGAUGBbh5wqYk4AM52uB-e

But it won't change that they die after 2 minutes.


But that's why elementals are bad. There is no good synergy with others skills and traits, like minions could have with death magic and blood magic (life steal, transfer condition, useful even when they die...).

If we had a real offensive buff to grant to allies, and so elementals in solo; like arcane power but not nerfed, like bonus stat on auras etc; or if elementals had command skills or mechanic when they die (leave a flame eruption, a water field etc) and if the glyph trait was not totally useless with its 20sec might or regen swiftness ... well, may be it could be better.

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Having the ability for pets to "stick" to the player would fix ele pets even if they keep there duration and hp. The though is to have the pet fix it self to the player and have it use its attks the moments its off cd or some how let the ele full control. I think this would fix AI pets over all.

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