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Would restoring damage on CC be enough to make warrior competitive again?


Would restoring damage on CC be enough to make warrior competitive again?  

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  1. 1. Would restoring damage on CC be enough to make warrior competitive again?

    • Yes, that would do it
    • No, it wouldn't change anything
    • It would be a step in the right direction, but something else needs to happen as well (please elaborate)

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It should be no surprise that for vets it wouldn't.


CC does not have to become absurd again. It's not fun to play against. Main idea floating around is make CC deal strike dmg via the Body Blow trait in strength (as well as weakness if possible) at the cost of being unable to crit. Crit plays a big role is dmg spikes due to how much ferocity a warrior can have and bulding anything above 60% precision is quite easy crit.


Taking a look at the forum the answer is clear. Warrior needs a rework to keep up with the mechanics of the otehr classes. Be it: weapon upgrades (animations, effects, aftercasts), trait synergy and trait option (proper traits combating each other for build diversity with none being too strong and forcing picks or bad enough to make them dead), mechanics evaluation (mostly for Berserker, although there are a couple of tweaks that can be made to FC as well or even Core; some bursts requiring full 30 adrenaline to receive the T3 ranking as opposed to 3 bars of adrenaline), and a rework to some skill types that have been neglected, offer no synergy or are pretty bad overall (Banners prime example, improvement of Meditations and Rage skills, minor tweaks to stances).


And finally Resistance application. Probably the only candidate change on par with the removal of dmg from CC that affected warrior the most. Major overhaul needed as to what sources should apply resistance/resolution without breaking the game (OP) and without leaving warrior vulnerable.


EDIT: Which is why if you ask warrior mains and vets they will tell you BsW is pretty bad and need major tweaking. It is a spec that does not improve on any of warrior's issues and hides behind a "cool" design and big numbers. Only thing it did was form an interesting synergy with ammo skills and at the same time promote a very spammy and passive gameplay which I don't know how many warriors want since that's not what this class is known for.

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While giving the damage back is a fine first step, Arenanet needs to revert the 300 CD trait changes, as well as bring several things from 2012 into current times.

What needs to be done really is mostly simple changes. Some examples:

Hundred Blades needs to be a mobile skill, instead of being a sitting duck. Rush needs to reliably connect with the target.

Rifle skills needs their pre-charges damage back on top of also having the charges.

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It wouldn't even be enough, some of our CC skills will still get trolled by random aegis/blinds/weakness/evade spam/z-axis teleports


They would have to revert the damage nerf too by 50% of the other weapon skills that simply do damage because our damage is already telegraphed as it is. CC would have to get 100% of it's damage back because those are 1-hit skills generally that will get trolled by random aegis/blinds.

Really doesn't help that signet of might (unblockable signet) got nerfed to stacks again, really stupid changes that don't make sense.

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