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Sorting Out Confusion About Buying A Turtle Egg [Merged]

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The first confusion I saw ingame and on the forum here was whether one could now buy the turtle egg and if so, where. I believe the answer to the first question is yes. Although I didn't see it in either of the two new patch notes, there is now a vendor on the Dragon's End map where one can buy the egg for two hundred DE writs. To answer the second question, here's the details on finding the vendor for those who would like them.


From the Jade Quarry wp on the DE map, it's to the south, two levels down, near the two fish vendors. It's a peddler with an imperial favor icon over her head.

The second confusion I saw ingame was whether one still needed to win the DE meta to get the turtle if one bought the egg. Some folks in map chat were asking that question and others were loudly saying that yes, even if you bought the egg, you still needed to beat the meta to get your turtle. Can't say if those folks were trolls or not but as far as I know, if you buy the egg, you don't need to do the meta. Though you will still have to do the normal turtle collection. If I've got any of this wrong, please do correct me. Thanks.

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