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Disclose double exp A/B test

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  • rune.9572 changed the title to Disclose double exp A/B test
5 minutes ago, TheQuickFox.3826 said:

What is the context of this issue?

Apparently some accounts are getting double XP. Possibly another NPE test.


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On 4/4/2022 at 2:26 AM, Healix.5819 said:

Apparently some accounts are getting double XP. Possibly another NPE test.


I created an F2P account yesterday, intended for another EoD-only account, and get 3x XP from PoI exploration, vista viewing and events, compared to an alt on my main account. XP from kills and gathering seems to be normal or at least tapers off after level 10. :classic_blink: 

That's on both F2P characters. For comparison, I created eight characters since yesterday on my other accounts and all of them came out at level 2 as expected.

From observing other players exiting the human starter area in Queensdale for a bit, there seem to appear a few level 3s and 4s occasionally that don't look like alts who are being boosted via tomes instantly.

Personally I'm tempted to just keep it as F2P at the moment and see how long this lasts. However I'm actually a bit miffed about this, since I don't want to risk adding a proper license to it in fear of being banned, in case it's not an A/B test, but a bug/exploit. I guess Anet just lost themselves 30€. :classic_tongue:

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