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Good PvE *healing* support Revenant?


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Hi all! Yotohime Izawa (in-game, obviously) here... Since I'm stuck with this annoying username that I thought I could change. :') Anyway! I'm maining Revenant and I enjoy playing alongside my partners the most and also want to start doing even larger group content. I'd like to be a healing, not boon, support Revenant for the most part. But also do good DPS. I know there are better healing classes, but I am playing Revenant for other stuff too. Love the class, RP, already have her exactly how I want her, etc. 


I am already Vindicator but outside of that, I'm just not sure if my healing is "good" and it's hard to find actual healing builds. I've tried GuildJen, MetaBattle and SnowCrow and they mainly seem to be boons and not actual HP heals. Which I know the Ventari builds can do. So I'm just wondering more on gear stats, weapon, sigil and runes are best. ^_^ Any help is truly appreciated!


Edit: So far on my own, I have Ventari as my main stance for healing with Shiro or Mallyx as secondary Legend. I am using two swords for DPS and a staff for the heals. I have the traits: Salvation, Devastation and Vindicator for now. I'm trying to make my own build and will probably fail HORRIBLY but... XD

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Well, I've got good news and bad news.  The bad news is that we're in a period of heavy experimentation right now, so you'll basically have to improvise your own builds.  The good news is that you've done a decent job already.

Generally, the healers are there to also provide boon support.  Even if you do have heals, the most important thing you can give to your team is either quickness or alacrity.  That being said, if you wanted to make a pure healer that doesn't focus on boons, there's two ways to do it.  Either you run Minstrel gear to become the tank, but do little damage.  Or, you run harrier gear and you do slight damage while also providing decent heals.  A pure healer build would look something like this:


I'll have to make a note here: that build editor hasn't updated the Salvation line yet.  I picked the traits relative to where the real traits would go, but for clarification I chose Eluding Nullification, Fortified Blessing, and Generous Abundance.  While this isn't a boon build per se, it will still give your teammates plenty of regeneration, vigor, and spots of protection.  The amount of healing this thing will output is massive, which is why similar builds can be used in WvW Zerging to keep teammates alive.  For gear, I picked harriers for the boon duration.  However, if you wanted to forgo boons completely, you can run Zealot's gear instead.  You won't be able to dodge as much due to having less vigor, however you will have 100% crit chance while under fury.


That's... basically it.  To run boon support as well as heals, you wear harriers and change out the Vindicator line for either Renegade (alacrity + might) or herald (quickness + misc boons).

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Two main tips for you OP:

1. "Healing" is a very broad term tbh. It's not about green numbers alone. Barriers, damage reduction for allies, fast revives, ability to shut down enemy key skills with extremely strong cc, great condi cleanses etc...   whatever makes allies stay vertical is a good tool for healers to have. So sometimes low healing output is not a problem if it's paired with tools that keep allies safe in a different way.

2. Rev has two legend slots. And four legends that can heal allies (Ventari, Glint, Kalla, Vindicator legends). You have a LOT of combos to work with there. Have fun and experiment!

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For a pure dps/healer build i would like someone mentioned earlier just slap on Zealot gear (Pow, Prec and Heal) and go with the Vindi elite. That way when you need to do burst healing swap to Kurzick Alliance stance or to Ventari stance. When you go back to dpsing you just go back to Luxon Alliance stance. Use a GS and Staff and swap between these 2 depending if you go full on healing or dpsing. Its a small damage loss if you camp GS for dps vs if you went Sw/Sw as your second weapon set anyways.

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@Thrones.6739 that's what i use on herald even on wvw, if i feel bit squishy i migh start swap one or other piece to cleric but never drop power that much.

Note: i use dwayna runes to boost regen even  further, and in pve i dont thing ventari trait is that important stats allone will help it, rather use invocation+shiro.

I dont care about meta dps nor meta anything so... this is what i run.



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I made a vid on heal quickness herald a while back:  


I’ve played the build a bit more since then, so I have a few other thoughts:  

This build will still generally be considered a lesser version of healbrand in a lot of situations simply because Guardian has so much flexibility with the number of useful utility skills it has as well as its abundant stability/aegis that comes at pretty much no cost.  

However, the ability to heal allies at range with the tablet and the overall strong throughput of healing/boons is still pretty great and very underestimated.  

Ultimately this build is more than capable, even if Firebrand and Heal mech are builds the community tends to be more familiar with when building groups.  As an anecdote to this, I was pug running some daily fractals today as condi DPS ren in a group with a heal mech.  The person running the heal mech was very unfamiliar with how to play it and the run was really rough with lots of people going down (not entirely the healers fault of course, but the support wasn’t there to make missed mechanics survivable) until they asked if someone else wanted to heal.  I swapped to heal quick and we breezed through the rest of the run with health bars staying full easily.

Finally, if you want a more hybrid version for when you play open world stuff, you can run this with celestial gear and runes of the traveler or firebrand runes to great effect.

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You'll probably want to run Ventari/Vindicator on Zealot's gear. Vindicator can't keep up healing under heavy pressure, but its good at doing both damage and healing at the same time, so you need Ventari as a backup for when your group is under alot of strain, needs reflects, etc.


You should try to build one weaponset to focus on damage, and the other on healing (especially Sigil of Renewal), with your runes and food trying to be somewhere inbetween. The power and healing food is expensive, but the precision and healing food might work. (I have no idea about runes.)


I don't recommend taking Harrier over Zealot's if you don't intend to focus on boons. The loss of damage from not having any precision is very noticeable even without ferocity.


Mix in some Crusader parts for some increased survivability if you struggle with staying alive (except in raids), which will also bring in some ferocity at the cost of some precision. I find that a mix of 50% Zealot's(armor+weapons), and 50% Crusader(trinkets) works well. You're not going to do good DPS anyway, most healing builds max out at around 5k, maybe 7k with a good rotation.


I've seen some players have success with Mace/Axe/Shortbow Mallyx/Renegade running condi and healing at the same time. This is actually more useful in groups since you're both a DPS and a healer, and can do about double damage of a quasi-power build, but the rotations are very tight due to Rev's energy mechanic.


The reason this works is because Renegade's main healing mechanic is also a DPS boost for the party. But if you can't manage the energy, cooldowns and rotating between damage and healing it falls apart.


Lastly, you'll likely only be taken by groups that have a QuickDPS or AlacDPS already.


Sadly, In WvW, you're going to be outclassed by full Celestial builds because that's what those builds are good at: doing multiple things at the same time (and Rev is also very good at the same).

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