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Banner warriors got corrected within a month but what about Daredevil utility skills?


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The only one I haven't found a use for is Distracting Daggers.  I've used all of the other ones.

Fist Flurry: PVE DPS boost.  Also it looks really cool.

Impairing Daggers.  This one is much more decent for PVP/WvW, but I also use it underwater where Fist Flurry won't hit.  Does more damage than you'd think.

Bandit's Defense: I use this for tanking the Sand Giant.  But, it's a solid block skill overall.  Heck, yesterday I got in a fight with a Daredevil who was using this skill.

Impact Strike: This is the superior CC option when I'm alone and can't share Basilisk Venom to anyone.

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True, but I still can't take Warrior seriously till they get Samurai animations for their new spec though. At least they fixed Daredevil staff animation before release.

I'm wondering when the Specter single target healing beta ends though, it was an experiment that hasn't been followed up on, changed or tweaked yet as well as still having unfixed bugs that've been reported..

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