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Hazy look in the game

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Everything has a almost shine to it, like the characters and buildings have a soft glow. Is it possible to get rid of this? I've reviewed the graphics options and nothing seems to help. 


Here is a screenshot I took and you can see everyone has this like glow to them




I know this isn't apples to apples, but here is a screenshot of ESO, and there isn't this glow on everything




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Turn Postprocessing off, and use a third-party postprocessing tool to sharpen the game instead. This happens because other games generally have a sharpening filter while this game doesn't, so all its built-in postprocessing effects make it really blurry with no way to compensate.

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14 hours ago, Balmora.8243 said:

Yah turning off post process removed the glow look, thanks. Never heard of using an outside process to do post processing. 

There are several 3rd party apps that lets you tweak the gfx settings. The following image is from using ReShade: https://ibb.co/jGL4016

Be mindful that it will look different on my monitor since all our settings are not the same. And screenshots will not do justice to the changes. But you'll get a sense of what can be done such as sharpen the image, adjust the gamma, etc.

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