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New Player - Rawhide and Jute - Where in the wassnames do you get them?


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I'm trying to level up leatherworking and finding it really difficult to get rawhide and jute. I seem to be stuck in a Catch-22. I've out-levelled the zones where I get them, I don't have enough gold yet to buy them from the TP, but I can't farm them instead because I'm too high level.  I know you can get them from low level bags, but the amounts are pretty dreary, making farming not really worth it (I have tried.) I don't mind farming for mats but not if the reward to tiresomeness ratio is very out of whack.

It also seems odd since ore and wood are so simple and easy to find.

Any advice very gratefully received and many thanks in advance.

Absolutely loving the game otherwise. 🙂

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They're salvage-only items, so you can't farm them, only buy from other players on the trading post. Light and medium armors are deliberately expensive to create.


The "solution" is to farm content of your level and then open the bags on a low character, but this only works for bags and boxes where the item level is around that of the character opening it, and you still have to play the salvage RNG game, but this is how lv80 characters get those items to sell.


Crafting is mostly for levelling alts, not for fresh players, who are meant to play through the game.

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It's not really practical to level up crafting alongside your first character, because however you get the materials you're likely to out-level the stuff you can make before you can use it (especially since crafting itself gives XP). When I was new I largely ignored crafting then periodically, when I thought I had enough materials or gold to buy them, I'd do whatever I could before I ran out. It might have helped that I had 4 characters at different levels (and made a 5th a couple of months in) but I was also trying to level up all the different crafts.

If you want to farm rawhide however it's probably best to aim for the salvage items, like rawhide straps or ripped hide. Unlike equipment drops those aren't affected by level scaling - which ones you get are determined by the level of the enemy, not the player character, so you can get lower level ones which salvage into rawhide even on a higher level character.

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^^ that site for skilling up in general is what most I think have used.

gw2efficiency.com and also gw2bltc.com both can be good to figure out if its cheaper to buy a craftable thing or sub component vs buying on the TP. Some things are cheaper to buy vs craft like wooden dowels of most types. In general, the gw2crafts.net site will take that all into account, but the others are also useful if you get much into trying to craft things.

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