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Decapitate reversion?


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I think with this coming Balance Update, and the changes to Berserker, one of which involves reverting Berserk Mode to its original state prior to its "rework", I think that Decapitate (Main Hand Axe Primal Burst skill) needs to follow in a similar fashion at some point in the future.

It was actually exceptionally disappointing that Decapitate had its leap removed in favor of refreshing itself when it hits and being turned into a sort of ranged attack. It felt very peculiar with the rest of the skills with Axe, at least for me, and I think even functionally in PvP this new ranged version of it fell short of even Main Hand Sword Primal Burst (despite Sword's rooting you) both in range, reliability and utility. The mobility was lost, access to Fire Aura from said Leap was lost and overall I've felt that Decapitate, just using it, does not feel great.

Maybe I'm just too nostalgic for its old version, that is highly possible, but I am curious if others share the same perspective.


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8 hours ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

Leaps are unaffected by quickness so be careful what you wish for.

Eviscerate never was and I was, and still am, fine with that. Sounds weird, I know, but I'd hate to think of the complaints if it was. We already saw a good number of them about Eviscerates damage prior to nerfs and other things, and it was usually attached to "the average reaction time of a person isn't fast enough to dodge it and its affected by Quickness" which were both fundamentally inaccurate things based on a misunderstanding of both of those things.

Mostly I just preferred it as a leap, especially to get the benefits of Warrior's Sprint out of it as well. I'm well aware of the aftercast as well, but I'm not overly concerned about that. If anything they can just adjust it if necessary, not like as Warrior's we're not used to animation locks or telegraphed attacks. Just comes with the territory at this point.

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the new decapitate has already cemented itself as a bread and butter in power berserker's dps rotation in pve, and functionally it is stronger than the old decapitate even without the leap. the cd reset is a very powerful mechanic.


i do understand the want for the old decapitate's leap and its synergies though, specially that feel and familliarity, the gameplay that you loved and became familliar with when you picked it up in the past.

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