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From a peaceful dream to a horrifying terror.


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            On  Friday 14th October 2022, it was supposed to be a quiet night for sleeping, but it somehow went to the opposite direction. I went to sleep with mother in a large bedroom early so that we could manage everything in the morning swiftly. Hours later, I slept so well that I entered a dream.

            [In the Dream]

             There was  a large crew of adults, wearing boyscout and girlscout uniforms, travelling to other places, ancient ruins, caves, mazes  and  a vast garden during the daytime. The trip went smoothly. They all enjoyed it along the journey.

              Until there was a time they needed to gather in a camp, outside the garden. I received  a report that one of the groups was missing in the garden. I volunteered to find them alone. By the time I arrived at where they were, almost all of the missing group had run away from the position, leaving one of them, a young lady with the ponytail hair, carrying  a large banner, out of stamina. I asked what had happened to her and she replied to me that she only fell down and got her leg crippled due to the fact that some areas in the garden made her unable to walk well. I gave her a hand so that she could rendezvous with the others.

              Suddenly, I noticed  a portion of hair(another woman's) on the right side of her waist and there was  a lady in white, long black hair, covered in blood, staying close to the right side of the youth lady's, staring at me with vengeance(her eyes were dark crimson). The woman asked me what was going on and what I saw. I all of a sudden closed my eyes with my bare hands  tightly for awhile  and opened mine once more(the lady in white disappeared).

               Later, the woman got shaken severely. She screamed very loudly and very painfully. Part by part, her legs, arms, fingers, head and eyes were torn out. Blood came out from her mouth and eyes like a boiling foundtain. I was shocked ,speechless  and  abandoned that place.


          After I had witnessed all of the happpenings in the dream, I woke up at 2:45 AM. My body got cold for a few minutes, but I could manage to bring it back to normal with the blanket on the bed. Next, I tried to sleep and woke up again at 5 o'clock in the morning.



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