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I must say I really enjoyed this weekend.

like the last time, I was put on blue. Like the last time, I'm surrounded by noobs. Unlike the last time, those noobs actually proved to be useful. Unlike the last time, we had about the same numbers as the other teams most of the time.

like the last time, we are being double teamed but unlike the last time, we actually have enough people to fight back. This time, the bag farming has been... Amazing! I don't even recall finishing Diamond on Sunday, but the action has been limitless!

sure, we're going to lose the match but who cares? THE BAGS, MATE... THE BAGS!!!

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So far it has been pretty dismal. To take a couple of examples one of my accounts is on Griffonfall (EU) we currently have a k/d ratio of 1.67 the other 2 teams quite rightly spent most of the weekend avoiding fights, because they obviously don't have as many tryhards on their teams. So unless one is a PvE hero who roleplays one sided "PvP" / bag farming is skilled, fun gameplay (which granted is exactly what a lot of WvW players / guilds left are), the match up is mostly trash.

On another account by midnight on reset night the borders were 90% green (they also had SM), then during the day time the next day most of the maps spent a lot of time red, so that matchup so far has essentially put players that don't play at the same time against each other, brilliant, more thrilling gameplay...



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4 hours ago, PrinceValentine.9320 said:

Meh. The alliance is bad. Uneven fights. Small guilds and random pugs  got thrown at the same server and they were forced to fight big groups. Just don't do it again. 

For the beta this week my shard is in the same position. We got a bunch of "fight guilds" (who seemingly can't fight) going up against another shard that stacked players into alliance guild(s) and are blobbing on all 3 borderlands (and maybe EBG too? I haven't ventured there yet) at all hours of the day.

But the reality is it's on the players to make these beta weeks so unbalanced. On one side you STILL have players who haven't figured out how to properly select their guild for the beta week and guilds who aren't doing anything special for the week outside of choosing to play together as they would any other week, and on the other side you have players/guilds/servers who are actively forming alliance guilds so they can play together/dominate for a week-long beta.

The major drawback is that if Anet is trying to get a week's worth of information, a good percentage of the population will end up giving up on the week after only a few days due to the unbalance. Further compounding the problem is the fact that Anet always seems to have these beta weeks when a festival is slated to start halfway through the week. The previous beta had the Four Winds Festival starting the Tuesday after the beta came out. The current beta will see the Mad King Festival starting tomorrow. So even more players will stop focusing on the beta to focus on the festival. Seems counterproductive.

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1 hour ago, mysticozzy.3589 said:

The actual fight content seems sufficient for now, i dont see what all the whining is about

match up.

my previous beta was awful. I still farmed bags like crazy but only for a few, selected hours (mostly when the other 2 servers tried to blob our keep at the same time). The rest was empty maps on my side trying to not get face rolled by a blob while trying to do boring ppt to finish my chests.

this time I gave positive review because my match was more "balanced", so I got fights everywhere almost all the time I logged in.

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