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This matchmaking is so fun

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Hey Casual Pvp player here,

I would like to have fun in pvp matches you know, the reason I play the game. But here is the thing, if I'm doing placements matches and I have to face a double duo, one of which has a top ten leaderboard player ( the one marked with the red dot) where is the fun in that? I know the rating oscillates a lot during placements but I'm barely a casual p1 why do I have to fight a guy which I know reading the leaderboard is rated 250 more than me?  My skill is not even close to that level of play, nor do I care to reach it, and frankly I do not know why this match was even proposed to me during my placement matches (this was my sixth match).

I'm out


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250 lol


These duo "pros" intentionally play offhours to fight against ppl over 600 rating lower than them


Yes, matchmaking allows it and even scale up really fast so this ppl dont get very long qs, the average is 7 mins, when the matchmaking should take at least 3 min to spam and extra 100 rating, 600 rating gap should be a 20 min q at least


Bad for them good for everyone else

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2 hours ago, Loboling.5293 said:

Do what I do, if the match timer exceeds the expected timer, just end your queue and rejoin. That way you can avoid the matchmaker moving you to brackets you don't belong in. Both higher and lower and leads to better games. It just takes a bit longer to get into games.

does it work, I've tried, it insta pop in an equaly crap match


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17 hours ago, Khalisto.5780 said:

does it work, I've tried, it insta pop in an equaly crap match

I doubt that it works.

People who stay in the queue and have their rating range for their queue increased, will eventually reach your rating anyway.

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