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Alt Account Security

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This article is about account security with regard to old accounts. Some players have many side accounts, which are only intended for daily login. Today I had to find out from the support that every account with a new IP immediately gets a query. Basically everything right! It used to be possible to have this issued individually. This has made using alt accounts convenient and enjoyable. This has already been changed for new accounts and will probably be activated automatically for old ones. There is no way to disable this again. Please continue to allow manual deactivation for old accounts through support.


Thank You!🥰

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Email authentication was always required, it was just possible to prevent it by not completing your account's registration, but that was changed in 2013. In 2015 they made the other 2FA options required to fully unlock new accounts.

There's no chance they're going to disable it. If that's something you got them to do in the past, that was probably back when they didn't care - they changed their policy after a dev account was stolen.

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