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Harbringer 20s perma protection - you kidding right?

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6 hours ago, Infinity.2876 said:



Played this match yesterday on a chronobunker build from metabattle

Except putrid mark, All the skills that hit you are clearly visible and they don't even do instant damage but diluted over time. To have taken all the well you must have stood on the spot without defending or dodging for a full 5 seconds.
We have classes out there that can do that damage instant/ranged/from hide.

I don't know what you wanted to demonstrate with the screen, but currently you have shown all the characteristics of the average necro hater... Seriously, posting a screenshot of the damage you've taken from skills like this, doesn't demonstrate how strong a class is. 
That is, a berserker can jump into a group of enemies and deal double AOE damage in much less time. 
Is that enough to make it OP?

However the topic refers to the harbinger who is actually the only really strong necro spec (and in fact he doesn't even look like a necro if it weren't for the absence of active defenses).
And in any case, being much stronger than normal is a feature of many of the new EoD specs (and of course it's not a good thing). Catalyst and Willbender are no different. I would also add Virtuoso and Vindicator, but abstain as I haven't tried them myself.

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8 hours ago, Acanthus.8120 said:

I'm sorry, but am I reading this right? You ate a full well of darkness, half of a soul spiral, and a point blank spectral grasp that otherwise would have split towards 4 people while being ganged up on by a guardian also?

I'm not even a PvP player and I think you earned that death.


it's a necrotic grasp, that's the staff autoattack. this proves that this damage wasn't even dealt in a short window because 4 staff autos take about 4-5s to cast. & it also indicates the berserker amulet on the reaper bc otherwise it doesn't crit for over 1k


but yes standing in a well of darkness for that long deserves the death

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