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Good source of swiftness for power vindicator?


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Seeing if anyone has a good source of swiftness for a power vidicator. I've been loving the new spec so far but the lack of swiftness sometimes makes me a little annoyed. Im using the basic invocation/devastation/vindicator setup with full berserker/scholar runes. 


Not really sure where to get the swiftness from, any help would be great!

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1) No.

2) Rapid Flow, but has its own flaws.

3) Sigil of Agility, runes of Pack, Evasion or Centaur (each one with pros and cons).


   Is a tradeoff (mobility instead of more damage). At the end, if pace of the movements bothers you that much, I do prefer Fireworks rune over any other choice for power Vindi, but that would ruin the chance to match the max dps perfect potential of your Vindi (which anyway you wouldn't achieve outside of the piñata golem).

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