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desolation again


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Hello, Desolation Complaints Hotline Operator here.

So sorry that you are unhappy fighting us. Maybe you should try fighting Baruch Bay instead then I guess you'd be making complaint threads about them too when you see the QUACK we have to put up with.

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This week and the matchup two weeks ago have been a non-stop onslaught on either multiple t3's or our keeps at the same time.

When SFR is on the map we're so surprised that we often just ignore you. Where were you guys last week? Where are you this week? I know things aren't going well there and I'm sincerely sorry that it is that way.

Let's reach a gentleman's agreement and focus BB next time so both our teams don't have to fight them again.

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Seems like a l2p issue if you are having trouble fighting players. Unless you are calling deso players dishonest, how so lol? We take pity on your server and ignore you, not our fault your server guilds love bandwagoning thus decreasing your population. Also, no idea why sfr doesn't have a link, blame anet...

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1 hour ago, Debesyla.7102 said:

Sorry, we can't stop Mabi Black from hunting you, hes unstoppable!

We played very little with SFR friends this week, and I hope that the few times we have done it you have had fun, because that's the only thing that matters.  They really have a struggling flow, and this shows once again how bad the problem of matching in EU, compared to NA. On the other hand, we played a lot with BB's friends who in the late evening are really an unstoppable tide.


buena suerte hombre.😉

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