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  1. Watched on my phone so couldn't see clearly. Fire/Air/Catalyst 233 with Marauder + Eagle runes + Force & crit Sigil?
  2. Is it uncleansable? Is it unconvertable? Will it hit through aegis, invuln or the latest scourge barrier? Raw healing isn't the issue, it's all the other kitten on top of it.
  3. Yeah I'm with you mostly on Staff. I do appreciate the support changes make no mistake (I'm a WvW staff support Tempest main) and most of my criticism is centered around competitive modes (compare the differences in skills between PvE and Competitive). However I've played since Beta and got to experience staff's full glory from before day one. It and to a degree the justifications for the Balance Philosophy of the class haven't aged well. The reasoning behind many nerfs we received in the first couple of years are no longer relevant. They did a 180 on those philosophies and never undid any of the nerfs. Simple example: Lightning flash not being a stunbreak because it does damage, we don't use it to damage, we use it to survive. It's not 1200 range because damage. Take the damage away and make it a copy of Blink. How many more years are we going to ask for a projectile speed increase, the removal of self-rooted channels, better access to stability or changes to Static Field and Unsteady Ground. But they changed Gale, great stuff! The bottom line for me at this point is that the calibre of the studio today is far below the calibre of the studio ten years ago. 11 years is a good run, how many more can we expect?
  4. I'm not a roamer by any means but that rule has always been respected. Testimony to the times we live in. It's sad.
  5. 11 years of passionate feedback, 11 years of studio denial. I'm done investing thought and energy into a black hole. Now I talk with the only currency they understand: money. It's very simple, I don't spend it on ArenaNet anymore.
  6. As one of the few 11 year Ele mains left in this godforsaken forum, that brought a very sadicious smile to my face. Unhinged.
  7. They couldn't unkitten tangled spaghetti before Soto, what makes you think they're capable of unkittening a bigger mess of tangled spag now? Sorry my confidence in their ability has left the building. Regarding actually releasing Weapon Mastery as an expansion feature: it's the least amount of work they could possibly do. Remove the coding restrictions, make a few internal adjustments as required. Done! kitten balance, kitten QA, kitten yeah! Chest thump much? After 11 years of their nonsense, I'm finally done supporting them.
  8. There isn't a universal build, apart from Celestial to some degree. If it's just open world then look at Lord Hizen's updated one. And it isn't about attunements specifically because they follow the same general theme, as do the traits for those elements. First start with which weapons you feel work best for you, then build around that.
  9. When I thought they couldn't get any worse - I should have known better. It's time for two individuals to be taken out to pasture.
  10. You're riding the LIGHTNING man! It's all-in or nothing-at-all! Jokes aside, it happens. Used to be back in the day you came out of it with great momentum, so much of it that if you happened to go down a very slight decline you'd almost die from fall damage. Or get stuck on anything. Please don't go the burning speed path.
  11. I've mained mine since Beta at 180-250 ping South Africa to EU - you can do it, sometimes your 1v1 loss may be due to the latency but I don't know any better and probably never will. I still top the heal stats and get fairly close to top cleanses as Staff Support Tempest and can get fairly high on the DPS charts when playing Weaver or Catalyst (in WvW as my primary mode).
  12. Outside of Minstrel's support you're just a hindrance going melee and a rally at best. It's not like 2012-2015 where you could go Soldier's and make an impact with shocking aura spamming anymore. Aura share is still the best you can do. Celestial survival in a large squad isn't all it's made out to be and without 25 might you're practically just tickling people. Good luck with your spheres in a mobile fight. Now days I play full Minstrel's staff support as a front line spec and it's tough enough to survive most things. I go Arcane/Water/Tempest and forgo some cleanses for a better spread of boon distribution because I don't camp water unless I absolutely have to and tend to play very aggressively being the driver next to the commander providing CC along with heals. If retreating I fall back to a rear guard position and utilise the same CC plus superspeed, stun break, stab and reflect to keep our slower members as safe as I can. If not support then it's Mara/Dragons Weaver AOE nuke that dies to a breeze meme. I'll switch to a bastardised Cele variation in a squad under 15 and run a more damage oriented aura share build (sometimes Cata, sometimes Fire or Earth/water Tempest) and be hybrid heal + damage but the results are middling at best. Dagger/Dagger's days are gone and I do miss them and don't think we're ever going to be going back there sadly...
  13. Right now as of 2am you have a 45 man squad vs 15 Deso (we were 35 an hour ago). Drakkar have a 15 man squad. You've capped SM which we couldn't defend, and you're starting in on our EB side. 30 mins from now you'll be taking our Keep undefended and doing the same to Green. I have no sympathy left for your server.
  14. Sorry, if you get a link then your status should be set to full. Perhaps it's just the times you play. You're aware that you're the only Spanish server and draw players from not only EU but NA and Latin America too right? From personal experience facing you for a number of weeks in a row, there are specific times when your server are fielding multiple guilds of 30+ and at worst attacking multiple objectives with full zone blobs. Very early morning (2-4am GMT+2) you consistently have a 25+ squad karma training everything they can against 0-10 defenders. Granted some guilds have transferred and you're likely seeing fewer players but BB with a link would be comedic. Instead of numbers I'd suggest you work on your skills, generally speaking you won't fight unless you're outnumbering opponents by 1.5 - 2x - my two cents for whatever it's worth. I do however agree that T5 is a kitten show and you're inevitably going to sink to the bottom if unlinked. Population imbalance and server status are severely kittened in EU right now.
  15. Back during the 2012-2015 period my server had about 4-6 large active WvW guilds and manage a decent spread of timezone coverage. Every Friday an hour before reset we'd have a server council meeting and borderlands were assigned to specific guilds. The meeting was open to all verified server members. As time crept on and the inevitable Guild ego clashes occurred, our server fractured somewhat around 2016 and never fully recovered. Some of the guilds transferred, others imploded, players quit the game and moved on. We still have a strong sense of server community but I'd say there's a core of 50 or less veterans, and perhaps 15-25 players that I'd count as regulars during my playtime. The majority are members of all the WvW guilds that are left. It's very different to how things started and I'd be lucky to say we have 500 players today. I don't know how things stand regarding Alliances from a server community standpoint but I know the core group I'd like to play with, and even though I prefer being guildless, they are the guild I'll be choosing during the test periods. As a server that's for all intents and purposes permanently full (how I don't kittening know and want to see cold hard figures supporting it) and unlinked for the second time in a row, I would understand if certain guilds on our server decided to not align themselves. The need for fresh blood and different players to change the status quo is becoming pressing. Then again, rather the Devil you know, than the Devil you don't...
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