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Is this thing Legal ?

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If they're farming in Lake Doric they have to at least own HoT because it's a Season 3 map, so you can't get there without the expansion. Several are using mechanists, so they must have EoD as well.

I'm looking at a group of about 15-20 right now and they all have mastery points, many over 200 and some over 300. Several also have guild tags, titles, legendaries and gem store skins so they look more like someone's main account than a throw-away for botting.

Also 3 definitely aren't AFK because they're talking in chat.


9 hours ago, Gendalfs.7521 said:

But is this really working, because whats the point botting for 1 hour?

It's more than they'd get not farming for an hour.

Also diminishing returns isn't well understood, I suspect the majority of players don't even know it exists and unless you know what to look out for it's not immediately obvious when you're hit with it, especially because the effect is often gradual. Before they disabled it in the Mad King's Labyrinth I used to get it there fairly often and it happens gradually, you'll get less of the rarer items, then nothing but crafting materials and junk (but those can often be what farmers want) then just junk and some time after that nothing at all.

But if they're following the rules and aren't leaving their computer completely unattended they can keep an eye on the drops and stop or change maps when they're hit with DR. If they aren't following the rules and aren't paying attention it means they'll get nothing for the time they spend there after DR kicks in.

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hrm.  So op doesn't like folks who are grinding mats while watching youtube on a second monitor?  I mean if you are going to grind materials you may as well find the easiest way possible to do it.  Low intensity farming, with a low intensity build, waiting for respawns.

perhaps there is no second monitor...
To be fair they could all be in guild chat, or squad, and having lively conversations. 
Or the horror: they could be in discord socializing while they wait for things to spawn.  
Just because you aren't able to see or hear the conversation, doesn't mean there isn't one.


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On 3/18/2023 at 8:14 AM, Stef.4715 said:

In Lake Doric there is a spot where i found over 20 players standing and doing nothing/ afk farming...is this even Legal ? How can the sistem not kick u off if u are afk ? I got no clue

yes, the longer time you spend in 1 spot, the less exp/loot you get

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